Surprise By Eden

It  was Halloween time in SC, but little did Abby know that she’d be in for quite a surprise.

Abby woke up to bright sunlight filling her room, when she remembered that her mother had left on a work meeting.  Abby was 13, and she didn’t mind being home alone. Later on in the day, right around after treating herself to a delicious early Halloween dinner she heard a noise. Thinking it was just the old house or an old prank she ignored it. She listened again, and the noise was coming from the attic, the attic, she had never went into the attic before she thought.

 As days past, Abby kept hearing noises. She obviously did not want to go see what it was, because that’s what people do in movies and it never ends up well. Abby ignored the noises most of the time, until one night… listening to music, she popped out her earbuds and thought, “What can it be up there?” She had to go take a look. Abby walked up the creaky, faded old steps, opened the attic door slowly and closed her eyes. When she finally managed to open them to take a peek, she couldn’t believe what she saw.  

 Spilled water was on the floor, stuffing everywhere, and mini food pieces spread around. Then she saw a note on the floor. She picked it up and saw – Love Mom. Abby saw something flash across the room and go behind a box. She moved the box slowly and saw something she had always wanted… a cat. She realized her mother had left everything needed for the cat. Abby heard her mother come in and ran downstairs. It’s Halloween she thought, but this is better than candy. She hugged her mother and said, “Thank you!



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The Scar by Ryanne

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It was Halloween night and they were getting their costumes when they realized they were alone.            

“Benchy, try to call them. We have to find our parents, and hurry!!”

“Scarlet, no one picked up when I called them.”

“Give me the phone, I’ll try,” As she dialed she shivered thinking about her parents.

A strange voice answered. The voice said, “You must be looking for your parents. Well, they’re at Halloween Park. Don’t worry, they’re fine. Actually, they’re not. Hopefully see you soon.” Then the voice hung up.

 “Let’s go Benchy!” Scarlet was headed to the front door.

“But that’s what they want us to do. It’s a trap.” He wanted to go save them, but he was scared. Scarlet gave him a nasty look and kept walking. Benchy ran after her because he was scared for her. When they got to Halloween Park they saw a huge globe. They saw their neighbors, two children and their parents in the globe.

“Benchy, come hide behind this box. We have to think of a plan.”

 They glanced at their parents as they talked. Then they noticed their parents disintegrating. Their bodies were slowly turning to soil. The man said, “Finally, my Halloween flower can grow. All they ever needed was the soil from humans.” They heard their parents last scream and they turned entirely into soil. Scarlet started to cry; she kept thinking she could have done something to help.

Benchy ran out. “Benchy, come back,” she whispered, but he could not hear her over his screams. Then, not paying attention, he was captured. As Scarlet watched her brother disintegrate slowly; she saw a knife and grabbed it. She sliced her arm, shoulder to wrist. When she touched the scar she would remember the pain they all went through that day.

The Liquid by Maya

It was Halloween night. Mykie and Joey we’re taking a walk in the forest

“Hey Mykie look at this car!” Joey said

“I wonder how it got there!” Mykie replied

“Lets look!” Suggested Joey

“Joey I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Mykie warned

By the time I said it, he was already  there.

“Hey Mykie come over here and look at this bottle! It’s crazy weird!”

What’s weird about it?” I said as I walked towards the car. I peeked in. Joey was right and inside was a weird bottle. It was glass and inside the glass was a strange purple liquid.

“I dare you to drink that!” I said.

“Okay, ” Joey replied.

I was laughing. “Why did you drink that?  I was only kidding!”

I looked up at Joey. He looked weird.

“Can I have some water?” he said softly.

I gave him the water bottle. He chugged it down in one gulp. I heard a scream far away.

“More,” he said. “I NEED MORE WATER NOW!” Joey screamed suddenly. He ran to the river and started drinking.

“Joey? That’s probably not safe for you to drink. Let’s go back home and get out of these creepy woods!” I said.


Joey wasn’t paying attention to me and he just drank. I heard more screams. I ran back home and found my mom and dad dead. I ran to the next house…Dead. Everyone in the neighborhood…Dead. I kept hearing screaming so I quickly turned on the news.

The news announcer said,“Deaths are happening all around the world! All because of a heart att-….” She screamed and slumped forward in her chair. Then I felt something Sharp inside me. I screamed.


“Ahhhhh. That quenched my thirst,”Joey said.

“Mykie?” Joey said. He ran back and looked and saw that everyone was dead. He didn’t care because he needed more water. He didn’t care if he was alone in the world because all he needed was water.



Rusty by Bella

I always love going to Rusty’s Play Place for all my birthday/Halloween parties, but all my friends didn’t really like it there because of Rusty. They said that he looked weird and gave them weird vibes. I told them that it was fun there, but they would never come with me, so I would go alone. My parents would always sit in the back as they watched me play. One day my parents left without me. I thought that they would come back… they didn’t. I waited for a while and started to get tired, so I fell asleep.

 I woke up… it was dark. I don’t like the dark. I shouted out, “Mom… Dad!” but no answer! I started to look around and ended my search at the stage. Then I noticed that Rusty was gone. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from the hallway. I walked over to the room where I thought the noise was, but nothing was there. Just as I was about to leave something caught my eye. I went back in the room and saw a mask. As I looked closer, I saw a familiar face. This mask was Rusty’s Mask.

 Once I took a closer look, I noticed a liquid. It looked like Hawaiian Punch! That’s my favorite drink! I walked out of the room, continuing my search for my parents. I took Rusty’s mask with me. As I walked around the building I noticed a small light brightening the way partially.

 Suddenly I saw a tall figure. I stopped to take a better look. I took a slow step forward trying not to break the silence, but I did. The thing looked at me. “Dad!” I shouted as I took a closer look. It wasn’t my Dad it was…. 


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The House By Neha

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Once there was a girl named Sara who went trick or treating and was never seen again. It all started on a normal day, on Halloween. Sara was excited to go trick or treating because it’s her favorite holiday and she couldn’t wait!

 That night she ate her dinner quickly and did her homework. Then her mom told her to get her costume on. She went with her older sister because she was young. They went driving around their neighborhood and Sara got out and rang the doorbell to each house saying, “Trick or Treat!”   

 Later on her sister had to go home because she had a lot of homework to finish. She told Sara she could still trick or treat, but was not to go far.  Sara  promised she would stay close by. Her sister went home and Sara walked on, trick or treating.                                                                       

 Sara went to all her  neighbors houses and got candy. She decided to walk down the road and  turn the corner, which was where she wasn’t supposed to go. But she thought, “What could go wrong?” Her sister and parents would never know where she went. She decided she wouldn’t tell them. She walked down until she came to a very big house. She was not familiar with it, but decided to go to it. She walked up the steps to the house and knocked on the door. The door slowly creaked open, with no one opening it. Now Sara was scared, but it was too late. A hand reached out and grabbed her. She screamed. She disappeared.

When Sara didn’t come home,  her parents got worried. They called the police and searched everywhere for her but couldn’t find her. Her family was very sad and they never saw her again.

At 800 5-Mile River Road., Putnam, Connecticut – By Zsofi

At 800 5-Mile River Road., Putnam, Connecticut

There lived a woman, who had black hair, which she would put up in a ponytail. She had bloodshot eyes as if she rarely ever saw light, and she would always wear the same 1950s style blue dress. She never left her house unless she needed food or water. But when she did leave her house, she was always considered an oddity by the rest of the people who lived on the road.

One day an old man who ran a farm about a quarter of a mile away was found dead, covered in water. Obviously the people who lived on 5-Mile River Road started to get suspicious, and of course they started to blame the weird woman with black hair. So they started to shun her, to makeScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.48.04 PM her feel like she should be ashamed of herself, until she had had enough! And so she moved

No one really knew when or where she went; she was just sort of gone from one day to the next. After she had left, the road continued to be that calm pleasant road in the countryside, where the people who drive by say things like, “Look at the beautiful countryside.” But then after a few months, everything just started to go wrong.

Halloween struck!!! Five people lived on the road, on halloween all five were found drowned… dead on halloween night. No one really knew what did it or what had happened, and no one ever will, for not a soul has inhabited the road since. They say the thing, the beast, the person who killed everyone on 5 Mile River Road still lurks as the black haired woman drives by, and says, “Look at the beautiful countryside.”     





Scary Story: The Red Hat – By Anna

“May I go to the bathroom?” Gracie Adler asked Mr. Patrick the gym teacher.

“Go ahead,” he told her. When Gracie was finished washing her hands in the dark cold room, she noticed something red in the corner. She skipped over and picked it up. It was a red knitted hat. Gracie was very smart so she ran to the lost and found and put it in the big pile. The next day she found the hat in the other bathroom at the school.  Again she put it in the lost and found. Whoever owns this hat loses it a lot she thought to herself.

Saturday morning Gracie woke up and looked on her dresser and saw the hat. Maybe I’ll wear it she thought. She put the hat on. Suddenly she felt like someone was watching her and almost controlling her. Gracie decided to walk her to friend Courtney’s house. When she got there Cortney was wearing an all new outfit. Gracie got jealous and said, “That outfit is so ugly,” She turned around and stomped out the door. She went home and told her mom she hated Courtney.

Gracie went to take a shower and she took the hat off. Suddenly, she felt herself again and she felt so bad for what she did. She wondered who was trying to make her wear the hat. Then, a girl dressed in all black showed up. “Who are you?” Gracie asked.

“I am the one who bewitched the hat,” the girl said.

All of a sudden, the girl did a spell to make Gracie fall asleep.

In the morning Gracie’s mom went to her room to wake her up. As soon as she walked in the room she fainted. There on the floor was the red hat. On the wall written in blood was, ‘The hat changed me’.