Joanie’s Personal Narrative

I was sleeping in my bed with my warm fuzzy blanket and my stuffed dog at the hotel. This hotel was part of a water park where my family and I went on vacation. This water park was in Connecticut; it was called CoCo Key Hotel and Resort Lodge. The logo of the resort was a red parrot wearing swimming goggles, going down a waterslide in a yellow raft.   


My family was asleep in our room and my moms best friends were asleep in the other room. We woke to the sound of an ear piercing beeping! It was the fire alarm. We rushed out of our room and into the cold lobby where we found everybody sitting in fuzzy chairs wearing P.J’s and bathrobes because it was the middle of the night.


We were sitting in the lobby with nothing but silence. I had no idea what was happening. Then I realized Belle (my stuffed animal), was still in the bed. Belle is my webkinz dog. She is my favorite stuffed animal. I got her when I was about four years old from my dad’s best friend’s daughter and I named her after their poodle, Belle. I love her very much! When I realized Belle was missing, I said, “Mommy mommy I left Belle in the bed. Can you go get her?” To my surprise, she said,


“Yes honey, I will be right back!” It felt like hours before she came back.


I was so happy when she came back! After that I tucked Belle in my shirt and I said, “This is where she will sleep now!”. When I was seven I made her a bed out of a cardboard box and now that is where she sleeps. I think she loves her box!  


I was scared because I didn’t know if it was a real fire or if some one had been messing around and pulled the alarm. We waited, what felt like a long hour before the fire department came. In the lobby, waiting for them to say we could go back to the room. I  lay asleep in my mom’s comforting arms. After the long hour of silence, she carried me up to the warm room. She laid me in bed and tucked me in. Not long after, we fell back to sleep.


This is the link to the Hotel we stayed in!


CoCo Key Weekend 366 | by brittreints

This is the water park I went to! I got this photo from Flicker  Britt Reints .

Scratched Eye By Maya

Scratched Eye

                                                                          By Maya

Let's Do 52 :: 34:52 :: SharpCreative Commons License latteda via Compfight

The pencil scratched on the paper making a gritty sound. It was allergy season. The pollen was so bad you could see it in the wind. I was drawing the pollen that I saw outside on a piece of paper. The pencil top fell off. I felt like the pencil was a person and his head had fallen of. At the time I thought that was very disturbing. All the windows were open and my eyes were itchy. I got up and closed all the windows. The windows made a sound that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. A shiver ran up my spine. I itched my eyes and I itched a little to hard… I screamed in pain. It felt like someone stabbed me in the eye. My dad rushed upstairs. He saw me crying and holding my hands over my eye.

“Maya what’s the matter!” He said in a worried tone.

“My eye!” I said through the tears. He moved my hands away from my face. My eye looked weird.

“Were going to the hospital.” He said.

When we were in the car my eye was itching like crazy. It felt like one thousand mosquitos had bit my eye. I itched my eye again. It felt like someone stabbed me in the eye. I howled in pain. Finally after the torture in the car we arrived at the hospital. We ran like we were running from zombies to the entrance. We were in the waiting room for a long time. There we’re a lot of people in different conditions. One person had been in an accident and had bloody scratches all over his face There was also an elderly women.  In the distance I heard something going BEEP in a metallic sort of sound. I didn’t like it.

When we went to my hospital room I kept looking on either side of me. I saw a lot of people in different conditions. In one of the rooms I remember, there was an old woman in a bed and a lot of people around her. They we’re carrying her out. She wasn’t moving. I was shocked. I didn’t know that hospitals could be so scary. After a walk that felt like a tour in an abandoned asylum with creepy photos of old patients, we got to the room. A doctor came rushing in. All I remember was that he looked like a whale. He looked at my eye and said,

“Your pupil is scratched.” After that my mom came rushing in.

She screamed “What’s the matter!” The doctor said again in a calm voice, “it’s a scratched eye.” My mom plopped me into her lap and said, “It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay” over and over again. She stroked my hair. Dr. Whale said that he needed to take a closer look. He opened my eye again. The air felt like ice to my eye. I screamed. He said he was going to send a prescription to my doctor. He gave me an ice pack for the long journey. The ice helped a little. It was like chamomile tea when you have a sore throat. The drive felt like hours. When we got to the doctors office, she said that she had sent the prescription to Sam’s Club, which was where the pharmacy was.

We all groaned. My eye was starting to hurt a lot. It also was itchy. It was like on of those stingy itches that you get, but it went on for two hours. Also the ice pack was getting warm. After we started the excruciating drive to go to Sam’s Club I felt like a grain of sand, getting kicked and pushed around everyday. I was exhausted. I fell asleep in the car and got woken up again only to be brought into Sam’s club. The line was very long. I felt like everyone was in line to get the last sip of water. After that I fell asleep and woke up the next morning. My mom came and made me take my medicine.


 I woke up. I went immediately to the bathroom like I had for the past 2 weeks and 6 days to check on my eye. It was all better. I ran upstairs and woke up my mom and told her. She  laughed and fell back asleep again.



Week #4 Halloween from 5 to 0 by Milaura

I went trick-or-treating with 5 of my closest friends Hope, Lily, June, Samatha, and Gracelyn. June wanted Tiffany, so we met up at Jane’s Ice-cream. Then we started trick-or-treating. I’m at the 27th house, I have not seen them since 22th. I got really scared so I went back A bit. Phew! I found them 3 houses down at a creepy house I had not seen that one before. They rang the doorbell, It opened. I saw only 4 of the six left. They ran faster than a cheetah. they took them! they took them! so the five of us ran to my house. When I turned back only 3 out of 4 were there. Then I saw the last 1 disappear. That is how I lost 6 people in one night.

Haunted house Olivier Noirhomme via Compfight

Week #4 Blogging Challenge -Activity #3 By: Annie

Activity #3: Write a post about how you celebrate Halloween.

My Family and I celebrate Halloween by dressing up. Sometimes we do group costumes but most of the time I only dress up. I’ve been a lot of things in the past, like princesses when I was little, Hermione in my Harry Potter phase and a lot more! This year I’m going to be a pinata.  We also go trick-or-treating with my friends. I tend to eat all of my candy before the night is over! I love seeing everyone’s costumes, as it’s just a lot of fun! After Christmas, Halloween’s the best (in my opinion)!

piñata costumeCreative Commons License Nate Steiner via Compfight

This is not me, but  it is a general idea of what I’m going to look like.

Week #4 Activity 3

Since 2nd grade I have been going trick or treating with my best friend Katie.  She lives in a big neighborhood so we go to ALL the houses. There’s this one house that gives out apple cider and brownies. Then there are the really scary houses that have a lot of scary pop ups. After we trick or treat we dump our candy on the floor. We both have our guides to get the candy that we want and find new tactics every year. Also we share a love for starbursts and always fight over them.


Evil Pumpkins! Starburst



Great Beyond via Compfight                        Christina B Castro via Compfight

Week #4 Blogging challenge by Fiona



Free candy is a delight, but watch out for fright                  

zombies vampires John Cena and more they will be you’re

nights galore

Trick-Or-Treaters everywhere they might give you a bit of a scare, But just beware of the house on end of the street, you don’t know what you might meet

Although I do, I never want to go back to the house on the end of the street because I do know for what you will meet.

Into the mansion the deeper you go, at the end you will scream OH NO,

You see a monster with eyes as big as  boulders, “ IT JUST TOUCHED ME ON THE SHOULDER, You run out of the house back on to the street For now you are safe but not until you meet the next monster of the street.


The Phantom Manor     ©   thebarrowboy via Compfight


The Guillotine by Aidan

The Guillotine


On Halloween night. In a dark alley, there was a man dressed in black. He was very still and he did not move at all or make any noise. His name is James. Then another man walked past the alley on the road coming back from work. James starts slowly following him. He starts hearing: I’m going to kill you I’m going to kill you… He doesn’t care what he is hearing he keeps on walking.

When he gets home his wife and James are standing there looking like they are possessed. Then his dog comes out of the house and starts attacking him, he is freaking out but he is staying calm. His wife and James usher him to the lawn and bring him to the swing set. They have the swing set up like it was a guillotine with a real blade. James put his head under the blade. Then the blade starts to fall. The blade hits his neck and his head falls off.

Then everything goes back in time to when he was at work sitting at his desk about to fall asleep. He then realized that he was sleeping and having a bad dream. He looks at his watch it said 6:00 pm. So he starts heading back home. When he gets home his wife and James were standing there with knifes ready to kill him. So James and his wife bring him to the swing set that was turned into a guillotine. They then drop the blade on his neck. This time he actually dies. Now he rests in peace (R.I.P.).

Blogging Challenge Week #4 by Adam

By Adam

All Hallows eve was the name of this day,

which sometimes would make grown men say,

Ahh you scared me! A child of mine!

Scaring adults is really not fine.

So go on! Get some candy to eat,

and dress up in costumes that look very neat.

But be warned, do not go into the dark,

where ghouls and goblins continue to lark.

Though these activities aren’t very jolly,

they take children like you and ship them to Somali!

On that note I leave you so enjoy this age! Now where did I leave my child size cage? Path / IntoCreative Commons License sszdl via Compfight

Week #4 Blogging Challenge – by Yasmeen

Hi everyone,

This week for my blogging challenge I decided to write a poem about Halloween hope you enjoy!

Candy Corn

                     Eric via Compfight

Halloween – My Favorite Day in The Year


Halloween it’s my favorite day in the year  

When the ghouls and goblins come out of the wall 

When the ghosts scratch on the wall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When I trick or treat

And scare them all

And Halloween music blasts through the wall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When the pumpkins get carved

When the pumpkin pie sits in the oven and into the hall

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

When you count up all you candy and trade with kids big and small

And you brag to your friends that you got this and that

It is Halloween my favorite day in the year                                                 

You go to haunted houses big and small

And take out the pranks and scare them all

Then laugh once you’ve scared them off It’s Halloween my favorite day in the yearspiders wallpaper

When you scare kids big and small

And tell them stories about ghouls and goblins and more

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year

 Don Buciak II via CompfightCreative Commons License

When you dress up as devils vampires and more

ZombieAnd when red oozing slime comes out of the wall

And now we turn the lights off because……………..

It’s Halloween my favorite day in the year!                                                                                  


Jelene Morris via CompfightCreative Commons License

Day 298/365 - Glowing Pumpkins

         Great Beyond via Compfight                                                               

The Pumpkin by Joanie

IMG_1133 The night before Halloween, Daisy sat down to carve her pumpkin. She carved a scary face, then took a knife, put it in some ketchup and stabbed the knife into the pumpkin. That night, she put the pumpkin on her nightstand and said, “goodnight.” After a while, she got up to check on her pumpkin and it was gone!

Soon after, Daisy heard a voice in her closet. It said,

“Come Daisy look what I have to show you.” So Daisy opened her closet and saw the pumpkin calling her name.

“Come into MY closet,” it said.

Daisy screamed “Mommy Daddy help,” but there was no answer! She ran into her parents room and she didn’t see them. She looked all around and still no sign of them. She thought they might have gone to the store, so she went back to bed.

 In the morning, Daisy got out of bed and went into her parents room to see if they had came home and sure enough they were sound asleep. “Mommy, Daddy where were you last night? ” They said they had gone to the all night store, so she went on with a normal Halloween day. She couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating.

“Daisy,” her mom called to tell her it was time for school.

Daisy marched down the stairs and said, “Mom I am sick.”

Her mom said, “All right honey you can stay home from school but that means no trick-or-treating.” All that day Daisy was in her bed crying because she couldn’t go trick-or-treating.

 That night she decided to be defiant and snuck out of her room and went trick-or-treating. While she was out she passed by some bushes. They looked like they were glowing red… a hand then reached out and pulled her in. She screamed…