A Day in The Life By: Corinna

Challenge 3#

My day usually starts at 6:50 with my mom attempting to wake me up. I usually start getting ready at 7:00 because my dog annoys me so much, and it’s almost impossible to go back to sleep. I surprisingly get ready in ten minutes, even though I slowly move around my big room. Once I’m almost ready, I rush down the stairs to go eat the waffle that awaits for me. My mind is still sleeping so conversations with my mom, go right over my head. I eat, brush my teeth, squeeze on my shoes, and put on my beanie in only 10 minutes.

I get into the car and drive thirty minutes until I reach school. I jumble up all the stuff for first period, and go to classes. I continue doing that for almost every class until 10:00. At 10:00, I have break time. I quickly go to my locker, and slip into the cafeteria. I then shovel down some yogurt like usual, and talk until 10:15 or 10:30.Once I finish another hour and 30 minutes of classes, its time for lunch. I’ll eat whatever the school is serving whether its lasagna or hot dogs. Next, we get called to go outside, once our table is clean. We have recess for 15 minutes, and afterwards we have more classes.

I enjoy arts A, B, and C the most out of all my classes. They all involve things I love. Arts A might be my top favorite because I have theater. I want to become an actress when I’m older, so that’s definitely my favorite. Not to mention, my Arts B and C involve music. I  LOVE music just like acting, and would also love to become a singer. The school day finishes at 3:10 and everybody is ready to go home. Most of my friends have soccer or dance after school. I just drive home, relax and do my homework. That is a day in the life of Corinna!



Blogging Challenge Week – Holiday by Grace

No School!     
During the snow storm, while most of Poughkeepsie had no power I did. We got about five inches of snow which was fun on the day it fell. My brother and I went sledding which I enjoyed. The next day however I had no fun at all. We tried to go sledding but the snow wasn’t firm any more. Throughout the day the sun came out and all the snow melted. My grandfather and aunt who live in California came to our house for two weeks. While the power was out at our school I got to spend a little bit more time with them and  make cookies for them.

Halloween was also very fun. Cally and I went around Woodstock to every store and house there. We didn’t get so much candy but getting candy wasn’t the real reason that we had come to Woodstock. At about seven o’clock we went to Cally’s mom and got a bottle of shaving cream each, then headed for the center of Woodstock where random kids ran around town with all the other six, seven and eighth graders spraying each other with shaving cream. Most kids in Woodstock have a shaving cream fight every year.

Cally and I stayed at the fight for about two hours then went back to C.P.W which is one of the places Cally’s parents work. We waited out side while Cally’s dad (Phil) went to get our candy inside. People started taking pictures of us because we were so covered in shaving cream that our whole body was completely white. A few days later I realized I was on the cover of the Woodstock newspaper covered in shaving cream. After he came out we walked to the car. Before we got in, Phil had to cover the seats with garbage bags and give us a towel to wipe some of the shaving cream off with. The car ride was uncomfortable but when I got home I took shower and went to bed. It had been a very exhausting night. I was very surprised to here from my mom that our school still had no power! I still had power. I had nothing to do but sit around and wait. The only problem with that was I had no idea what I was waiting for.  After an hour of reading and doing homework, I finally went into the kitchen for lunch.

On Wednesday morning my aunt and grandfather left to go back to California. I was sad that they were leaving but my aunt had to get back to her farm, and my grandfather just wanted to go back to his home. In the afternoon I didn’t really do anything except for doing homework and reading. Later that night I got ready for bed late, thinking that Thursday would just be another day without any school, and was prepared to go on Edmodo (which is an online website to talk with everyone in your group) and have humanities online. I went into my mom’s office and said goodnight to her and she told me that tomorrow we would have school and it would be a G day which is one of the letter days in our schedule. I was exited to finally go to school after such a long weekend but at the same time I was sad to finish relaxing at home and go back and do work. I went back to my room and saw all the classes I had on G day, then got my bag ready so I wouldn’t be unprepared in the morning. I woke up in the morning tired because I went to sleep late. I got ready and went down stairs to eat breakfast. I was happy to finally go back to school from such a long weekend.
My five day weekend was overall very fun.

No school in the big snow storm

What I did on the 5 day weekend Challenge
On the weekend with no power, I was forced to not use electronics so since I’m learning guitar I practiced for hours on end. I learned how to play Psalm 100 and The Saints Go Marching In. I worked on Aura Lee too. I got to perfect the rifts from Forget You, Smoke on the Water and Peter Gun. I played my guitar in candle light when we didn’t have power. I got really good and now I can play them all almost flawlessly.

When the snow hit, I thought it was awesome then when the power went out I didn’t think it was that awesome. I went to a Halloween party when the snow was coming down and the snow was so heavy and wet that when my mom and I got to the host’s driveway we couldn’t get up the driveway. We had to stay only a hour or less because of the snow and we had to park in the train station adjacent to their house. I still loved the snow so ,I went out there in the snow and built a snow man. He had grass hair stick arms leaf eyes stick mouth and a staff that he held. He is still there in my back yard staring into the distance.

On Monday, Lukas, his sister Riley and I went trick or treating around Lukas’s development. I was an orc  – a green humanoid creature that is blood thirsty. Lukas was the grim reaper and Riley was a princess. We walked around Lukas’s development cutting across lawns to get to the next house. When we got back to Lukas’s house we sorted out our candy and played a little xbox.

To cope with the power outage, my parents and I heated our house with our wood burning stove and lit candles when it got dark. I had to read 14 pages of my science text book in candle light. Let me tell you it wasn’t a piece of cake. When our power came back on our internet was still out. At least I got to use my wii, I learned how to play wii basketball and  I’m not that bad at it either.

Blogging Challenge Week 8 , Activity 7

Challenge week #8



My collage has labels of pictures which are the connections with my life.

  • My first picture is of two friends because I like spending time with my friends.
  • My second picture is of the computer which I use all through school and at home.
  • My third picture is of a basketball because I play lots of sports including: baseball , basketball , football and soccer.
  • The fourth picture is of The Walt Disney’s logo because I like watching movies especially with my family.
  • I also have a picture of a television because I enjoy watching TV.
  • I also have a picture of Barack Obama’s family because I like when my family spends time together.
  • The next picture is of the logo of a really popular video game called Modern Warfare 3 which is my favorite video game.
  •  The eighth picture is of Goofy because I like fooling around a lot.
  • The next picture is of trees and grass because I love climbing and jumping and being physical outside.
  • My last picture is of a school bus because I love to go to school every day



– two little boys by By slightly everything – From Flickr

– Apple mac book pro Img lightning , Desk lamp by Imglightning – From Flickr

– basketbal in motion by Candie_N  – From Flickr

– Nice view of Walt Disney Castle by Mohamad Bareth – From Flickr

– 82/365 by_rokinfree  – From Flickr

– 48-Call Of Duty Modren Warfare 3 Wii Ntsc by dd consle – From Flickr

– fathers Day by merfam – From Flickr 

–  goofy button by Sam Howzits – From Flickr

– Trees on Hardwick Heath by Martin Pettitt – From Flickr

– Whelled School bus-Right Front by Bill Wards Brickpile – From Flickr




No School! By Anna

No School Challenge

There was no school for five days in a row! It was cool to have the weekend go a little longer but it was not all fun. My power was out because of the storm for four of those days we had off and it was terrible. Since there was no power, I had no idea what was going on in the in the world. There could be war and we would not even know it. It was also hard even to sleep. There was no heat so my whole family had to sleep in my living room, with an air mattresses and only a space heater to heat us.

As if that wasn’t bad enough. my dog kept stepping on us, rubbing his snot on us and getting up. We also didn’t have any water in our house so we couldn’t brush our teeth or take a shower. I felt pretty gross. On the second day we finally got to take showers at Vassar so we were clean. There was also an up side to the storm. My family got to spent a lot of time together instead of always getting home and going on electronics. Because there was no light, we got to use candles so that we could see. The candles looked really beautiful.

There was also Halloween. I dressed as Sally from a movie called, Nightmare Before Christmas. It was really weird on Halloween because there was snow and fallen tree limbs all over. It was also weird because we didn’t get to go to as many houses as usual. We usually stay up really late going to many different houses but we couldn’t because a lot of people didn’t have power. I thought that the days off were good but they were also bad. I liked it and kind of hope it will happen again.

No School by Massimo

No School

When I had no school for five days straight (counting the weekend), I had a lot of fun. I had no Internet for most of the time and I was sick during it so I didn’t do much, but it gave me a lot of rest so that was a good thing. I got 18’’ of snow at my house so we could play a lot outside with my cousin who came over.On Saturday, when my mom, my sister and I came back from a party, we tried to get up the hill to our house. My mom was afraid to go up the hill because she saw other people slipping every which way. She decided that she would not drive up, so she called my dad to take us up and leave her car at the bottom of the hill. Finally my dad got to the bottom of the hill ( which felt like hours I might add). When we got to my house I ran to my room and went to bed.

When I woke up, we all went sledding at a friends. It was fun sledding but we had to walk there and it was really cold.  We were walking up two small hills to get to our friend’s house while carrying sleds with snow pants on ( which were not light at all). When we got at the house we had to walk up this really really long and steep driveway. That was where we were sledding,  so we went down and up down and up down and up.

After that it was Monday,  Halloween and I was still sick, so I  just rested  on the sofa the whole time. When it was almost time to go trick-or-treating I didn’t feel much better so I thought that I wouldn’t go, but later on I decided to go. I was really glad I did because a friend was coming with us so that was cool. When we got back, our friend left and I heard from my mom that there was no school the next day, so I stayed up for a long time.

My Experience Being Out of School – by Erika

Blogging Challenge

Since we have been out of school and have had snow, it has been pretty boring and horrible, because I lost power on Saturday evening. We had to get takeout food because our food at home was mostly, almost spoiled. On Monday, the temperature was really cold, and at one point it went down to 48 degrees! I had to sit in my hats, gloves, and my jacket since I was freezing. My feet got really cold, and that’s when my mom and I decided to stay in my dad’s office.

But when we arrived at home a few hours later, the power finally came back on just in time for Halloween! I didn’t want to go trick or treating this year because it was too cold for me to run around in the dark. So instead, I helped my mom hand out candy to the other trick-or-treaters. My mom and I decided that I could hand out the candy to the little kids with their parents or just them, and my mom decided to hand it to the older kids. Believe it or not, Remy and Cory, two boys from my class came to my house!

Anyway, even though I had a bad part of my break, I still had lots of fun handing out and eating the candy that was left over.  These were my experiences of being out of school.