My Sweet Summer by Shane

My favorite part of summer was going to Nova Scotia. We took a ferry over the sea to get there. That was really fun. There was a casino and it also had restaurants and rooms you can stay in. When we landed in Yarmouth N.S., we had breakfast and then I had a giant nose bleed. When we left there we went up to Port Royal and stayed in a Bed and Breakfast; that was a different experience; it was really nice I had fun in there. then we walked around and saw all the ports. Next, we had a delicious meal of a lobster pizza with Alfredo sauce. I ate most of it, then we went to a cool graveyard tour.

The next day we went out to Halifax and got a hotel room in the heart of the city. Shortly after we went to a fort and I saw Nathan MacKinnon.

Then we went and had burgers, they were so good. then we went back to the hotel room. The next day a hurricane came through and drenched the town. good thing we left Port Royal, they got flooded. then after the storm passed over we left.


My Summer time Adventures By Sebastian

One thing that was fun for me over the summer was surfing in New Jersey. Its really cool and I liked the water. I’ve been swimming since I was 3. I call it my natural habitat, So what is fun about it?  It feels like you’re gliding on the waves so when you catch a wave it feels like you not even doing any work. It’s so effortless the water in New Jersey but it was freezing cold. It was main water and it was water from the Arctic. In my case, the waves were rough and the water was filled with dead flies at one point, and it was disgusting.

I was in New Jersey for 4 days. I was there with Memphis. When we were down there we made a lot of jokes and went to the beach a lot. We were the dynamic duo.We also went to Days ice cream shop.they have the best ice cream there. It has 32 different flavors and there still adding more. I love it so much and I usually get coffee and chocolate.

I remember when we were on the beach, I would just let the waves take me and I ended up getting attacked by the ocean. There were  nasty flies flying into the water and landing on me. It was fun but the flies ruined it all because the flies were dead and some were alive. I swallowed one too, but I had fun and that’s what I did in the summer.

Summer By Quinn

This summer I had a lot of fun.  First, I went to Texas by myself (of course my cousins picked me up at the Dallas Fort Worth airport).  In Texas I watched a lot of movies, and ate Mexican food for six nights, and it was really good.  There were two kids named Ben and Natalie, five grown-ups named Angela, Ryan, Jeffrey, Julia, and Andrew, then there was one toddler named Penelope.  Penelope only behaved when I was around, and when I left she asked me if an airplane was as big as me.  Obviously I said no, and told her it was bigger than her house.  Jeffrey had a lot of medieval legos, and we played with them.  In the game you had an island, a king, and an army.  I had the biggest cavalry of 7 men (equivalent to 700) .  The men were equipped with swords, helmets, 4 lances, a crossbow, and a shield.  I also had three archers, and obviously took over the world (an equivalent to 300.  I also went to Six Flags.  Unfortunately it started raining when we got on the first ride, but we stayed anyway as it was just a drizzle.

My family and I went to Rhode Island for a week in July.  We were joined by two friends, and surprised by three others.  Unfortunately we went there to spread my grandmother’s ashes.  Even though it was very sad we still had a good time.

For Labor Day I went to my favorite Aunt’s house (her name was Theresa).  I had never been there before but I wish I did because it was fabulous . The best thing about the house was either the seventy degree pool or the separated sleeping cottage.

Before I could go to school, I had to have a chicken pox and a tetanus shot.  I used to have a terrible fear of needles.  Right when the nurse put in the tetanus shot, I was about to say Ow when she took it out, and did the next one.  Then I was told to have a blood test.  When I went to get it at Labcorp in Fishkill, I was told I had to be fasting.  Then I went to a Labcorp in Poughkeepsie.  On the door it said Beware Vampire on Duty – my mom is a phlebotomist so my dad took a picture.  As I was inside the lab the phlebotomist told me I needed nine vials.  She put the tourniquet on, and I closed my eyes.  As I felt the needle go in I asked, “Did you get the vein?”  Unfortunately she missed but got it the second time.  When she was done she asked, “Are you okay?” I said “yes”, and left.  Then the receptionist told me that I didn’t need to be fasting.  Unlucky me!   After that my dad and I went to a diner where I got Gluten Free french toast, and sausage.  For dessert I ordered delicious cheesecake. Now I am not afraid of needles.  I made my mom a Vampire on Duty sign.

At the end of the summer ,I learned that I had been soy free for nothing (3 ½ years running).  That was at a Thai restaurant thirty minutes from my house.

I had an absurdly absolutely fantastic summer.

Summer Vacation-by Khalil

My favorite week in summer was when I went to Orlando Florida, and it was a lot of fun. We took a plane to Florida. Our airport was JFK, our plane was Jetblue. It has been a while since I have flown on a plane so it was very exciting for me. The ride was 3 hours but I kept busy. On the plane I was watching The Lego Movie and eating chips, cookies, and plantains.

When we got to Florida we hopped off the plane and went to get our rental car. When we had our car we drove to our hotel. The hotel was nice.It was like a mini house. It also had an outdoor pool. We bought some stuff for breakfast like waffle batter, cereal, oatmeal and eggs. I went swimming on the first day and the pool was great.

  The next day we were on our way to Disney World. We did all the theme parks in four days. The first park we went to was Magic Kingdom. We saw shows and parades. We also had funnel cake and it tasted great. I also went on many rides.My favorite were Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.  My favorite theme park was Hollywood Studios. The rides there are awesome. My favorite rides were Rock N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.I had a great time in Florida because there was so much to do. I will always remember this trip and I hope my family can go back for another great time at Florida.


Summer – Ethan

My summer was very interesting. First, my dad, my brother, and I went to South Carolina where we went to North Myrtle Beach, and many other places in South Carolina because we have a house there. At Myrtle Beach, my brother and I could go 75ft out into the water and it would still be at our knees, but when the waves came in it was brutal! My brother and I were being tossed around, while my dad was on the beach laughing hysterically.

 The next day after that mess my dad bought me a bb-gun and we went to the railroad tracks and set up targets, and my dad, my brother, and I shot like pros (pretty weird because none of us have ever held a gun before.) Then we went to miniature golf at the boardwalk, which was a blast! After golf we all went to “Magic Quest”, which is a big building inside of which is a game where you are magi’s (wizards) and there are different levels and bosses. We were there for two hours.

 Then it was time to go back home to Red Hook where I had a theatre camp awaiting the next day. The camp was  “Peter Pan” and I was cast as Peter Pan [the boy who doesn’t want to grow up]. The performance was at The Rhinebeck Center for Performing Arts. After that little play I tried out for the “Real Deal” play which was Peter Pan again (also at the Center), and I was cast as John Darling, (the oldest boy), which should be fun. Then once auditions were over my whole family, and I went camping with our camper out in Amish Country in Pennsylvania and in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.

 First was Amish Country, and since we were in Amish Country we saw A LOT of Horse and Buggies, which was interesting. But our campground was amazing, it had a water park, laser tag, miniature golf, and so much more. The first day we were there we traveled around the camp ground in our rented golf cart to see what was there, later in the day we all went to the water park for three hours. We went to the water park every day, but some days we went to laser tag, miniature golf, also an Amish town where that night we went to the best restaurant in the universe, Millars, their food was delicious.


Then we went back home for a couple of days, then we went to the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts where we went to another campground that was not as nice, at all. We did not spend a lot time there, we really just went to Boston because we we only there for three days. In Boston we went to Quincy Market and a lot of shops, then we came back home to get ready for Poughkeepsie Day School the next day. That ends my crazy summer.


Summer-By Anna

This summer I went to camp hillcroft. I have been going to camp hillcroft for seven years. I really enjoyed seeing all my friends and going to really fun activities. One of my favorite activities was climb. At climb I went on a huge zip line and it was really scary but really fun. I had alot of fun with my best friends Kayla, Bella and Alexa.

I also went to six flags with my friend Jane and it was fun but we did not get to go on a lot of rides because it was packed. The car ride there was really long but Jane and I managed to entertain ourselves. We got to go on a really big wooden roller coaster called the thunderbolt and it was really fun Because Jane and I freaked out for no reason.

I really enjoyed going to atlantic beach north Carolina. I went with my best friend Mariah and my parents. The car ride was twelve hours and we watched a lot of movies and listened to music. I was very bored and when we got there I was half asleep, it was one in the morning. While we were there we went to a really cool aquarium. At the aquarium I played rock paper scissors with a scuba diver that was cleaning the huge fish tank. We also went to a restaurant called Surf-ari and it was really good I ordered mahi-mahi which is the fish of the island. It was so rich with yummy flavor.

When I went to the Dutchess County Fair I went with my friend Mariah we went on a ride called the zipper. The zipper/cage is an upside down ferris wheel but its a straight line not a circle. When you get to the top you do a really fast, scary flip. While I was there I ran into my friends Sally and Jane.

Summer -By Jane

This August I went on a plane to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We visited my aunt that lives in Miami and she drove us to the port where the cruise ship “The Allure Of The Seas” with my Mom, Brother, and our friend Kristin. We boarded on the ship and it was super big! The ocean water was this beautiful turquoise water, so it was super awesome to look over and see the sea, (hoping to not fall overboard!). It’s supposed to be the biggest cruise ship in the world! There was 6,000 people on the boat! On it, there was a lot of fun things to do. There was exciting things like ziplining, iceskating, a carousel, and there was these ride-type things called Flo Rider. One of them was a boogie boarding one and the other was a surfing one. Basically there was jets shooting water at you and you were on these boards either boogie boarding or surfing. There was many pools and games on the pool deck, there was also a boardwalk that had a bunch of stores! One of the decks had something called Royal Promenade on it. There was stores, places to eat and a lot of parties and events were held there. We had dinner every night in different restaurants on the ship. The food was delicious!  All of us were on the ship for seven days so there was so much more things to do.

Our first stop, was a private island that the cruise line Royal Caribbean owned. Allure Of The Seas is a Royal Caribbean ship. My aunt works for Royal Caribbean. The island was in Haiti, and it’s called Labadee. We went on water slides, and to a water park there. The water was so warm! After that, we went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We were on a bus to take us to a beach, and the whole idea of that seemed awesome to us..until we found out that the bus ride was 2 hours there and two hours back! On the bus ride, I was looking out the window part of the time and from what I saw, that part of Jamaica was pretty poor.

The water was even clearer and warmer than in Haiti! Our last stop was Cozumel, Mexico. There, we went snorkling. There was lots of extraordinary fish, and it was so colorful! We even saw a big shipwreck! It was such an amazing experience!

All the seven days I was there, I never wanted to leave! On the last day, we arrived back in Florida. We all packed our things and boarded off the ship, and went to my Aunts house. She drove us to the airport and we got on the plane back to New York. I’ll never forget how much fun I had!

Japan By Mollie

On summer vacation I went to Japan: )

I went to Tokyo Disney Land and I had so much fun! My family and I saw a 3D show about a magical hat. It was really cool but it made me a little dizzy.. We also went on lots of rides. The best one was the car ride based on the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabit.” I can’t wait to go back next year.

We visited a town in Japan called Hacona. My great aunt came with us and we went on a hike to a volcano. There were lots of stores on the way to the top. We stopped at one store and ate some black eggs and black ice-cream. The eggs tasted like normal eggs and the ice-cream was vanilla flavored. After the hike we went on a pirate ship. It was on the lake near the volcano. We also went on a rope way. It was kind of scary. We stayed at a pretty good hotel, too and they had very good food there. We had all kinds of things like squid ink potato, small hamburgers and other things I can’t name. I wish I spent more time there. I hope I can stay in Japan longer next year.

I then went to my grandparents house. They live near the beach so we went swimming. It was very salty, but my dad said that the salt is good for me. After swimming we went back to my grandfather’s house and had a great dinner with my family. My aunt and uncle came and they brought some Iseshrimp. Iseshrimp is a very good shrimp that is similar to a lobster. It was my first time eating one. We also had a lot of other things like sushi, miso soup,and other Japanese foods.

I hope my grandparents are healthy and well the next time I see them.

Summer – By Audrey

I had a very good summer between my fifth and sixth grade year, but one of the highlights of my vacation was a week and a half road trip I went on. It was at the end of July, and my sister had gone off to music camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the place where my family used to live. My mom, my dad, and I, were going to meet her up there to see her performance.

We set off in a car on a Wednesday, and boy, did the car trip tire me out! Our first stop was in Sandusky, Ohio, where we would spend the night so we didn’t have to drive too much in one day. But the next day, we weren’t going to drive again. We were staying very close to an amusement park, Cedar Point, and since I love amusement parks, we decided to stay an extra day so I could go with my dad and ride roller coasters. We spent the entire day there, where we rode eight of the seventeen different roller coasters they had. At seven, my mom picked us up and we went back to the hotel. Even though I had been ecstatic to ride them all day, at the end I was exhausted, even more than I was after the car trip. The next morning we got up and hit the road to Michigan.

We got to Michigan at about eight in the evening, which meant I spent about twelve hours in the car, more than ever before. We were staying with an old friend of my mom’s, where we would do things such as swim in the lake and roast marshmallows. The next day was my sister’s music performance, so in the evening we all drove out to the theater to watch. It was amazing, like no other concert seen before. We got home very late, so we all went to bed right afterward. We spent the next day relaxing there, right before a long drive.

We left on our fourth day in Michigan to get to Minnesota, where we would drop my sister off at another camp, this one a Japanese camp. We went through orientation and said goodbye to her. After doing that, we drove for another four hours to a hotel in Wisconsin, where we would stay for the night. The next morning we were in such a hurry to leave, that when we left we accidentally forgot my suitcase full of clothes. It was such an odd surprise when we found out two hours later, when they decided to call. We had to stop in the middle of the trip and buy me all new ones, because most of my other clothes were somewhere in Eau Claire. Afterward, we drove to Chicago and I spent two nights with one of my old friends. We spent the time playing four square, watching movies, and writing together on the couch. I hadn’t seen her in six or seven months, so getting to spend two nights with her made me overjoyed. It was sad to leave the morning after our second sleepover, but after many hugs I had to say goodbye for real.

I watched Chicago disappear as we started to drive to one of our last stops, Ohio again. We weren’t going to do anything special on that trip, just sleep the night in a hotel and leave the next day. That’s exactly what we did, and the next morning we got up, packed our stuff, and drove back to New York. I had a great trip, but after a week of excitement  I was happy to be home.