Thanksgiving Day – By Sobia

Thanksgiving Day

I was walking quickly but carefully towards my friend’s house with my brother. The ground was muddy and the mud ruined my boots. My brother smelled like turkey. My sister and my other brother were way behind and were still at the bottom of the driveway. This was because my sister was fixing her hair and my other brother was talking to her about colleges. My mom and dad were already in the house talking with their friends because they came before us.


When I walked in they had just started serving the turkey. The lights were on and all around me people were talking and eating and laughing. I got my dinner and went upstairs to eat. My friends were up there so I sat next to them on the bed. I started to eat my dinner. First, I ate the turkey. I didn’t remember the last time I had eaten turkey and when I put it right next to my mouth, I could smell the turkey. I felt sorry for it as I thought about what it was like when it was still alive. I didn’t like the bland taste of the turkey though so I was eating it little by little, nibbling on it. I felt like a hamster.


Ten minutes later we had finished eating and my friends started watching “Mulan” on Netflix on a laptop. An hour passed and we were still watching “Mulan” but we were towards the end of it.I started feeling hungry again and I was already tired. I had a knot in my stomach.  I left later on feeling happy but sleepy. It was a fantastic party and I had a really amazing time. It was a very Happy Thanksgiving.

The Senses by Alex

Thanksgiving is one of the most majestic times of the year

Especially when there is an abundance of love and cheer

I can see the glorious food cooking

Everyone is looking


Waiting for the food

Is so very crude

It has an astonishing flavor


It’s food I really want to savor                                                                                                                                                                             All of these desserts are making me drool

I’m delighted that I don’t have to go back to school

I can hear the most ear-splitting sound ever

Of my sister and cousin running up and down

The stairs not making them look very clever

All of my family’s Christmas decorations are up in their house

 They did it as quick as a mouse

People  are talking and chatting everywhere I go

I know that the snow will come very slow

Am I not clear

That Thanksgiving is one of the most magnificent times of year

Thanksgiving by Lexi


Thanksgiving is full of surprises

New people

New food

New adventures

But the truth of  it is

the holiday season

is just a way to see the people

You want to see

and taste the food

you want to taste


The leftover taste

Of mashed potato in my mouth

Can start to taste like toxic waste

Toxic waste ain’t so good

When it’s in mashed potato form




I’m missing my step cousins a lot

I wish they would come running back

I guess I thought

Thanksgiving wouldn’t feel as short as snack




The gum in my mouth

Is starting to taste pretty bad

Let me go spit it out

I’ll be a minute now




The kitchen still isn’t clean

Bins of turkey still all over the counter

And while my cat is acting like the queen

I sit and watch, she thinks she has power




I miss New York City

And all the famous people I got to see

But next Thanksgiving will be pretty soon

And New York City will always be there




My Stomach is so full

Two courses of the same food

And a table of dessert

But it was so good



Thanksgiving is full of surprises

New people

New food

New adventures


But the truth of  it is

the holiday season

is just a way to see the people

You want to see

and taste the food

you want to taste


So thats it…

Thanksgiving Day at 56 New Ninja Rd – By Bud

Thanksgiving Day at 56 New Ninja Rd

 It was Thanksgiving day at 56 New Ninja Rd., and a family was in a crowded and hot kitchen. The people were laughing and smiling as someone opened the oven and took out the delicious turkey. Everyone could smell the turkey and all the delicious food.  The aroma of fresh herbs and spices were intoxicating.

The music and the family laughing could be heard, as well as the little girls running throughout the house. The dogs were running around, as their nails were scratching the floor and their tails were hitting the tables and chairs. Often, someone would open the door and let the heat out. Then someone would open the oven and the heat would come back again. And so it went on – that circle that went around lots of times.

After dinner, there was a choice of three types of pie, pumpkin, pecan and apple. After all the people had finished desert, They were overstuffed and tired.

Three people went to the living room and started goofing off on the guitar. The whole family chimed in and pulled out the banjo and the ukulele and had an exciting time. From outside, it seemed that someone had turned up the music really loud.

This year thanksgiving was great! I think that all of the family had a great time.

That Fun Day – By Jade

That Fun Day

It is a cold, crisp evening at the Baratta household. There are guests arriving with cold, red noses and lots of sniffling. They give a welcome with a loud yell, “Hello guys!” As they enter, they smell the warm delicious food, and walk to the kitchen to greet the chefs, who are my mom, Grandma, and Papa. They give a quick hug then say ‘hi’ to everyone else.

I hear pitter patter, running through the house. My baby cousin’s little laugh fills the room with happiness. Zoe walks over to the drum set that is almost twice her size. She tries to climb it and struggles but she makes it. Then she finds the drum sticks. “BANG!” “CRASH!” “BOOM!” She starts to play, and the loudness is overwhelming. I clap when she is done to make her feel proud of her drumming. But I almost feel that it was a mistake. Now she won’t stop playing…

More guests arrive surprised by the banging. They give a welcome with a loud yell, “Hello guys!” As they enter, they smell the warm delicious food. They go to the kitchen to great the chefs.

After everyone filed in, they sang, danced, talked, and ate the appetizers and then… it was time to eat. The aroma of the food filled the air. Everybody walked into the dining room found their sticky name tag and sat down. The plates were full with amazing food and we stuffed our mouths talking about what was going on in our lives. We  then asked each other “Would you rather questions.”

When the meal was over we watched a football game. Half of my family was rooting for one team and the other half was rooting for the other team. Then they set up the dessert table. Yum, I could smell all of the pies, cupcakes and little apple tarts. My family was waiting. Finally we were called to the table.

After dessert my brother and uncle went over to play the drums and guitar. They were really good the music lasted for about thirty minutes. We then had some singers, which were my mom and two aunts. Thanksgiving was fun!  I can’t wait for next year.

Thanksgiving Day – By Corinna

Thanksgiving Day:

Thanksgiving day is oh so fun

Especially when the guests start to come

Food scents and chatter fills the air

And the thought of that much food, I can’t bare


My mother talks to the guests about food

All of the waiting for the feast is just so crude

David and Katie plan out their dishes

When I break the wishbone, I’ll make my wishes


Burning food scent stuck in my nose

The cranberries and turkey don’t smell like a rose

Seasoning and breakfast sausage is the only talk

When I tasted the turnout, it was just like chalk


Peeling apples and slicing them up

David does it into a measuring cup

Chopping up broccoli into a pan

Putting it into the oven is soon Katie’s plan


My mother walks around opening champagne

I hope that the turkey she cooks isn’t plain

Pots and pans clank around

Later I hear a beeping sound


The turkey is done, and the guests dishes go in

My father chats with Katie about football, like who’s gonna win

Katie then saw a shock on her cellphone

She saw the Steelers re-posted her photo on twitter even though to them she was unknown


The cold air blew through the broken window

I was beginning to freeze from the continuous airflow

Tension and calmness was the feeling I felt

Over the mashed potatoes, butter would melt


Loud steps around made by my mom and dad

Dinner was close to ready, that makes me glad

Champagne full glasses clinking softly

If Katie or David dropped theirs, it would sure be costly


Water runs for the freshly bought flowers

Their wonderful smells do their powers

My dad’s jokes just won’t stop

He cracks them while my mother chops


The timer beeps and the candles are lit

Everyone finds their place card, and there they sit

Finally we can stuff ourselves with all the food

Thanks are said, and happy is the mood


I’m so full, I have nothing to say

That is why I love Thanksgiving Day