Shirley's 6th Grade

The Hole – Picture Challenge by Massimo

“Where does that hole go to?” I thought out loud. I looked down and it kept going and going. I went to get my mom and dad and asked them to come with me and see the hole. When we got there there was nothing left but mud. “That’s impossible!” I said. My parents left […]


Picture Challenge – Tunnel – Raiyaan

I grabbed my bag and drove for what seemed like hours. I was headed to the airport to catch my plane. I wanted to relax and take an adventure to an island that was recently discovered and had no particular name yet. Not many people were on the plane. I figured not everyone has heard […]


Picture Challenge – Tunnel – by logan

“Jimmy, stop playing tricks on me. You know I am afraid of the dark!” No one answered so I ran as fast as I could back to my house. But every thing in the house was dark, with windows shattered, doors ripped off their hinges and furniture overturned. Then I saw him. It was Jimmy […]


Picture Challenge – Tunnel- by Anna

It was the grossest thing EVER! It was a mix of tomato sauce and jelly. I had invited Evan over and we decided to experiment with food. We started mixing our favorite foods and so far it was just tomato sauce and jelly. He had chosen tomato sauce and I had chosen jelly. We thought […]



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