The Hole – Picture Challenge by Massimo

“Where does that hole go to?” I thought out loud. I looked down and it kept going and going. I went to get my mom and dad and asked them to come with me and see the hole. When we got there there was nothing left but mud. “That’s impossible!” I said.
My parents left really annoyed and said, “Jack you have to tell the truth or else you wont make a living.”
“But it was there before!” I yelled to my parents. After they left, the hole was back. If the hole wasn’t there before but now it was, it had to be fake so I stepped into the hole. I fell down down down and down.

I woke up to what seemed to be a maze. There were colors everywhere and it was very confusing. I kept thinking I was walking in a circle. There were the weirdest things everything I saw and I didn’t even know how to explain. When I got to what seemed like the center, I found an elevator. The only thing that didn’t seem right about it was that it felt like it was going forward and not up and down.

When the elevator stopped, the maze wasn’t a maze anymore but more like a paradise. Everybody there was mumbling weird things that I couldn’t quiet make out, but there was one word I heard which was, “leave now.” I got really frightened, then out of nowhere I heard loud foot steps. Every body started running and screaming. I didn’t know what else to do but run so I got back on the elevator. I was running through the maze looking for the exit, but I heard the footsteps of the beast on my trail. Everywhere I went, there was a dead end. Then I saw light. “ Could it be?” I said. I thought I found the exit but it was a dead end. The beast had trapped me and I was caught……

Picture Challenge – Tunnel – Raiyaan

I grabbed my bag and drove for what seemed like hours. I was headed to the airport to catch my plane. I wanted to relax and take an adventure to an island that was recently discovered and had no particular name yet. Not many people were on the plane. I figured not everyone has heard about this island. I fell asleep…When the plane landed the lights blinded my eyes. It was about seven in the morning. I took a bus to a hotel and unpacked. As I looked out the window I saw the beach on one side and the ocean on the other. I decided to go back to sleep…I woke up at around 2.00 p.m. I had nothing else to do so I took a stroll on the beach. As I was walking I, spotted a hole in the ground. It was hard to tell if it was deep or not because of all the trees. I decided to explore it. I ran back to the hotel, “borrowed” a ladder, took a rope and brought a jacket. I rethought my plan. I was about to enter a cave which could lead to death or make me the greatest explorer ever. I decided to go in.

I entered the cave which was once used for waste in the 1980’s. As I grabbed my ladder and climbed my way down it seemed as if entering a theater. It was pitch black with only a dim of light from above. As I was about to turn on my flashlight I began to hear grumbling and chewing. Since I was the adventurous type of man I didn’t want to miss this moment. I decided to keep my flashlight off and listen. Stupidly I stepped on a leaf and the chewing stopped. I felt my heart beating rapidly. I heard footsteps, and the last thing I saw was a bone being flung at me.

Picture Challenge – Tunnel – by logan

“Jimmy, stop playing tricks on me. You know I am afraid of the dark!”
No one answered so I ran as fast as I could back to my house. But every thing in the house was dark, with windows shattered, doors ripped off their hinges and furniture overturned. Then I saw him. It was Jimmy with a weird look in his eyes. I started crying “Stop it Jimmy stop it!!” I started running again this time for the town but that was abandoned to. It looked like a ghost town except more people looking like Jimmy walking around. Then I realized that they were ZOMBIES. It felt like he was breathing down my neck so I ran faster and faster sprinting as fast as I could. Then I tripped falling head over heels then blackness.
“Where am I?” I asked.
“You’re in China,” a young boy replied. Then I saw them! The zombies were climbing through the hole.
I asked the boy, “Where is the nearest transportation device?”
“There is the bullet train, only a five minute walk from here,” he said.
“Thank you,” I replied.
Those were the fastest five minutes of my life, running through the train station, jumping on to the train just before the doors shut. I was in the back of the train and just as I started to think I was safe I saw the zombies yet again. They were somehow hanging onto the back or the front and I never really knew which was which.
I couldn’t believe that nobody noticed them, so I asked the man next to me, “Don’t you see the zombies on the back of the train?”
“Are you crazy!  There are no zombies anywhere,” he replied.
“They are right there!” I was pointing straight at the zombies, but no one knew what I was talking about. I realized maybe I was the only one who could see the zombies.

Finally the train stopped I got out and immediately started running again then a man with a crazy look on his face grabbed my arm.
“Excuse me sir but hurry.” Then his grip tightened and it became unbearable and then I blacked out. The last thing I saw was the crazy man smiling…….

The next thing I saw was Jimmy Shaking me awake. I was on the ground feeling a little groggy then Jimmy said, “Are you okay? We almost missed all of Halloween! But its not over yet so lets go!”

Picture Challenge – Tunnel- by Anna

It was the grossest thing EVER! It was a mix of tomato sauce and jelly. I had invited Evan over and we decided to experiment with food. We started mixing our favorite foods and so far it was just tomato sauce and jelly. He had chosen tomato sauce and I had chosen jelly. We thought it might end up tasting good because it was all good food. Judging by how bad it smelled and how gross it looked, this was not the best idea. We decided to try it just because we were so curious. When it touched my tongue my muscles suddenly tensed. I felt my nose crinkle as I let out a loud “GROSS!” then spit the mixture out.
“Why did we even try this stuff! It’s terrible!” I asked.
“Even I don’t know what we were thinking! It smells pretty bad too.” We both sat down on my couch and had a laugh attack about how stupid we were.
My house is really old and reeks of dead bugs. Almost everything is made out of wood and there are some nails still sticking out of the floorboards. It is pretty dangerous to walk around my house. There is also a humongous hole in the middle of my dining room. Why, you may ask. Well, it all started like this… My sister and I brought a mini trampoline into the dining room while our parents were away. We were seeing if either of us could jump high enough to touch the chandelier. I know what you’re thinking. Not so smart right? It was my sister’s turn. One bounce, two bounces three bounce, KABOOM! Big drop. I still can’t believe she fell all the way through the floor! Of course that was when we were younger. Now, my sister is going to college and being stupid has become normal for me. Oh, and the nails sticking out of the floorboards, that wasn’t just from old age, that was me too.

I was about five years old and I saw my dad hammering. I wanted to hammer too so I asked my dad,  “Can I hammer too?”

His answer was, “No. You’re just too young.”

Just like any five year old would I got frustrated and said, “I’m a big girl! I’m into adults!”

My dad had a motionless face and said, “No.”

I really wanted to hammer so I cried for hours about it. Finally my dad went out grocery shopping. It was my chance. I took the hammer and tried to hit the nails into the floor as my father did. I didn’t exactly know where to put the nails so I just put them in random places not knowing that nails were supposed to nail things together. I put them all over the hallways and in every room. What I forgot was that my mom was still at home. When she saw what I did she freaked out and called my dad. Pretty soon they were both freaking out over the phone together. My dad tried to get all the nails out but it was impossible. I had even put some on the walls.

Now I sit here laughing to death with Evan, and I think I was not so smart to do all those things but at least they give me some good memories. I think, I feel bad for all the people who always listened and weren’t as curious. They have nothing to look back on and laugh about. They have no big holes in their floors or nails sticking out of the floorboard. They don’t have sisters who would be courageous enough to jump on a mini trampoline just to touch a chandelier. Most of all, they don’t have a friend like Even to taste crazy creations with. In the end, I feel lucky to have this life.