Twitter – Alexander

I recommend Twitter for schools for several reasons. It is a great way to tell the world what you are doing in class. It is a great way to practice your summaries and it is a great way to tell if your students are actually paying atention in class. But mainly is just a fun filled learning tool that is free to use for kids all around the globe.


Twitter is a useful tool, but it isn’t always a good thing. If you’re using it to talk about your personal life and about how you just lost your job then that’s completely fine when you’re at home. But if you’re a school then that isn’t proper. In my opinion Twitter is a great tool for schools to use, but it must be used correctly or else there could be a problem. It can be a great way to share your projects with the world. In any case I definitely think that it’s a great idea for a school to use.

Tweeting in schools – Hannah

I think that Twitter is very useful when used in the right way. When we tweet in class it is helping us learn how useful it can be. Most people just use tweeting as a way to tell people what they are up to, which can be dangerous. But using it in class shows us the useful side. Like the educational purposes. You can share links, put out your blog, share projects,  and aware people of new useful sites. Plus it doesn’t take that long. It can’t take that long because you only have 140 characters. Which also poses a challenge, when we are working on expanding our writing. I feel that using Twitter in class, has helped me keep a better digital footprint.

Twitter in School ~ Julian

I think Twitter in school is a great idea. In school, it lets people communicate in class with other schools. Our school only follows schools or teachers and students. I haven’t seen any other people or any bad tweets other than the hacking tweet that if you click the link it sends it to all your followers and it allows people into your account. You learn new things almost every tweet someone posts. I think Twitter is a good learning tool for almost any age basically saying 7+. I think Twitter had a few categories to it Education, Personal, Gaming, and companies and for school obviously it would be education and I don’t think any inappropriate things could show up there. So it is a good tool for learning!  

Twitter in schools – Joanna

I think that schools should be allowed to use it as long as they are not following and/or letting someone follow them that tweets inappropriate tweets. Twitter is a great tool as long as you use it properly. The older the class is the more likely that  they will use it properly. There are a lot of cool things you can do on twitter that you can’t do on a blog or something like that. There are people like Tim and Moby that are on twitter. Another good thing to make sure is that the person that the class is going to follow is educationally connected so that they are not some random person but a teacher from the school or something like that. Schools should have an account if they want one but it should never be forced into doing it. It is also fun making tweets to tweet out. There are a lot of good things on it like funny pictures or videos. Some things that are on it are really educational but some are just fun.

Twitter – Lily


I highly recommend twitter for school use, I think it is a fun and easy to use tool for school. I recommend it because it is an easy way to communicate with other schools across the world or just inside your own school. It is also very simple and quick to use because all you have to do is type what you want to say and then click “Post” I think it is a great way to share your work with other schools and I think that many more schools should be using Twitter.