Week 3 Activity #1By Bode

This summer I went to Iceland with my family. It was so fun, we did so many activities. Including horseback riding, hiking up mountains, and watching the northern lights at midnight. The weather there in the summer is COLD. Its pretty much the temperature we are having right now. I stayed at a place in Iceland called The ION Hotel. My favorite thing about the hotel was the FOOD. The food was so great they had the BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER. For dinner I would always have the lamb because it tasted so good. On the way back we had an eight hour plane ride. IT WAS SO EXHAUSTING. But we had the BEST AIRLINE EVER,  called La Compagnie airlines.  I had a great time with my family.

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Week 3 Activity 1 Blogging Challenge – By Isaac

One of my favorite times spent with my family was my trip to Arizona when I was about five. We flew into Phoenix and stayed there for a few days. I remember that we went on this cool hike in the desert, and we saw this lizard that I thought was big at the time, but it wasn’t all that big. We then went to Flagstaff and saw all of the red rocks, and we were at this hotel in the middle of nowhere. After that, we went to the Grand Canyon, and I almost dropped my “wallet” (A.K.A a little folded napkin with about two dollars in it) into the canyon! I thought I almost fell in, but remember, I was five. I looked at my family’s pictures later and saw I was not even close. Then we went back to New York after driving through saguaro (a type of cactus) flats and making up a messed up song.


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Blogging Challenge Week 3 Activity #1 Cape May

Every year my family goes on vacation to Cape May. Cape May is located on the Jersey Shore Exit Zero. It is a nice little town with a beautiful beach! It takes about four hours of being in a car with two dogs in the back, but this year it will be four dogs. We have rented the same house for two years now, and I wouldn’t say it’s a great house but it is better than nothing. The house has three bedrooms,  two bathrooms and a small backyard! One of my dogs Gracie likes the crabs and digging in the sand. My other dog Oliver is scared of the water; the two new puppies, and well I’m not sure how they will act yet. I would recommend going there for a nice vacation!


Here is a picture of the beautiful beach at Cape May!

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Week 3 Activity #1 By Tess

The best time I ever had with my family was in England. We had just arrived after the sickening plane ride and I was very tired. I slept on the two hour car drive to my great aunt’s house, but when we got there, I was awake and ready to go. This was the first time I had seen her in a very long time, so she really didn’t recognize me. We got inside and went to the rooms we were staying. Flash forward about three hours. We were just leaving to take a walk in a field. It was the perfect temperature outside. The sun was just setting at the second half of the walk when I found the most beautiful flowers. I picked them one by one until we got back to the house. On the walk a gust of wind would sent shivers down your spine. Back at the house we had tea and sat outside  for at least an hour. This was the best time of my life.


Family Photo Taken by Nicole- Copyright
Family Photo Taken by Nicole- ©

Blogging challenge week #3 Activity #1 by Neha

One memory I have with my family is when we went to Quebec, Canada and Bar Harbor Maine during spring break last year.  First we went to Quebec for two days and then we went to Maine for a couple of days. We drove the whole time.  Anyway, I went with my mom, dad and my little sister. It was a lot of fun and Quebec was really pretty. We went on a horse carriage ride there. Mostly, we walked around and shopped because we  only stayed there for two days. Then we went to Bar Harbor, Maine which was about four hours away from Quebec (I think). In Bar Harbor we went to Acadia National Park which was beautiful. We went on a great  jeep tour and had really good food. There were a lot of places to walk and shop in Bar Harbor, so that’s what we did. We even met someone we knew who was on vacation with his family (it was a doctor my parents knew). All, in all it was really fun and I had a great time there.

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– City of Quebec ,Canada

Week 3 Activity #1 Blogging Challenge

The story I’m about to tell you happened this summer when I was flying to Poland for the first time. I was so excited because I was going to Poland, plus I was going to meet my Polish family for the first time. When I arrived at eleven at night at the hotel, we got to the room and I was exhausted and grumpy so I got into bed. The next day I toured Warsaw with my cousin and aunt, and after our full day tour, we went to an enormous dinner with all my relatives, such as my three times removed cousin, Pepino, and my four times removed niece, Lena, and my great-great aunt who played the harmonica for all of us. It was great and fun, but the food was terrible because instead of making Polish food, the restaurant made “international” food–whatever that means! Overall, I had an amazing time in Poland.

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Week 3 Activity #1 by Caidan

I have had a lot of great experiences with my family in my life but one of the most memorable moments is when we were running across the beach in Montauk. We were flying my kite and playing in the sand . I love my family and  they’re the most amazing people. They do so much for me every day, week, month, year. So I just have to say thank you mom and dad.  

Taken by Christine Copyright
Taken by Christine
Taken by Charles  Copyright
Taken by Charles


Summer – Ethan

My summer was very interesting. First, my dad, my brother, and I went to South Carolina where we went to North Myrtle Beach, and many other places in South Carolina because we have a house there. At Myrtle Beach, my brother and I could go 75ft out into the water and it would still be at our knees, but when the waves came in it was brutal! My brother and I were being tossed around, while my dad was on the beach laughing hysterically.

 The next day after that mess my dad bought me a bb-gun and we went to the railroad tracks and set up targets, and my dad, my brother, and I shot like pros (pretty weird because none of us have ever held a gun before.) Then we went to miniature golf at the boardwalk, which was a blast! After golf we all went to “Magic Quest”, which is a big building inside of which is a game where you are magi’s (wizards) and there are different levels and bosses. We were there for two hours.

 Then it was time to go back home to Red Hook where I had a theatre camp awaiting the next day. The camp was  “Peter Pan” and I was cast as Peter Pan [the boy who doesn’t want to grow up]. The performance was at The Rhinebeck Center for Performing Arts. After that little play I tried out for the “Real Deal” play which was Peter Pan again (also at the Center), and I was cast as John Darling, (the oldest boy), which should be fun. Then once auditions were over my whole family, and I went camping with our camper out in Amish Country in Pennsylvania and in the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.

 First was Amish Country, and since we were in Amish Country we saw A LOT of Horse and Buggies, which was interesting. But our campground was amazing, it had a water park, laser tag, miniature golf, and so much more. The first day we were there we traveled around the camp ground in our rented golf cart to see what was there, later in the day we all went to the water park for three hours. We went to the water park every day, but some days we went to laser tag, miniature golf, also an Amish town where that night we went to the best restaurant in the universe, Millars, their food was delicious.


Then we went back home for a couple of days, then we went to the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts where we went to another campground that was not as nice, at all. We did not spend a lot time there, we really just went to Boston because we we only there for three days. In Boston we went to Quincy Market and a lot of shops, then we came back home to get ready for Poughkeepsie Day School the next day. That ends my crazy summer.


Summer-By Anna

This summer I went to camp hillcroft. I have been going to camp hillcroft for seven years. I really enjoyed seeing all my friends and going to really fun activities. One of my favorite activities was climb. At climb I went on a huge zip line and it was really scary but really fun. I had alot of fun with my best friends Kayla, Bella and Alexa.

I also went to six flags with my friend Jane and it was fun but we did not get to go on a lot of rides because it was packed. The car ride there was really long but Jane and I managed to entertain ourselves. We got to go on a really big wooden roller coaster called the thunderbolt and it was really fun Because Jane and I freaked out for no reason.

I really enjoyed going to atlantic beach north Carolina. I went with my best friend Mariah and my parents. The car ride was twelve hours and we watched a lot of movies and listened to music. I was very bored and when we got there I was half asleep, it was one in the morning. While we were there we went to a really cool aquarium. At the aquarium I played rock paper scissors with a scuba diver that was cleaning the huge fish tank. We also went to a restaurant called Surf-ari and it was really good I ordered mahi-mahi which is the fish of the island. It was so rich with yummy flavor.

When I went to the Dutchess County Fair I went with my friend Mariah we went on a ride called the zipper. The zipper/cage is an upside down ferris wheel but its a straight line not a circle. When you get to the top you do a really fast, scary flip. While I was there I ran into my friends Sally and Jane.

What I did over vacation – by Hannah

Over the break I spent time at my country house in Walton. My cousin and my uncle came up with us. My cousin, my brother and I made a few mini movies while we were up there. The first was called “The Orb.”  We were adventurers and were looking for the famous orb. Then we made a paranormal movie. The paranormal one was about a girl (me) moving into a new house where there is paranormal activity. While we were up at Walton I learned that my brother is really good at ping pong, and my cousin is really good at pool. And I am, well, not so good at either!

When I came back from Walton I went to florida to see both of my grandparents. It was just my dad and me. We stayed at my grandma and grandpa’s house, so I spent most of my time with them. I went shopping with my grandma the first day. The second day we all had lunch then went to the zoo. Going to the zoo was fun because my grandpa came with us, and he is disabled so it’s big if he feels up to coming out. Then the third day I went to my Nanna and Opa’s house. My opa had just had eye surgery so he couldn’t go out.  My Nanna and I had lunch and got our nails done. Then came the day to leave;the saddest day of all. My dad and I said goodbye and left at 9am (which is too early to get up on a Saturday).

When we got back, I talked to my mom, then chatted with a friend (Stella) for a bit. In the morning I got a new pair of Uggs and went to see Les Miserables with my mom. It was a long movie, but I enjoyed it! Then, as my eyes drifted into a deep slumber, I remembered that I would have to get up at 7:15 am the next morning and was not too happy about that!