The Curse of The Trees-Eden

It was just an ordinary day at the Enchantia Mall in Poughkeepsie. Zola, Lilly and I were walking around when a hair clip caught my eye in Zandle, the accessories store. It was made of ancient wood and covered in gemstones that sparkled like the stars. It was so beautiful that I had to stop. So I walked in and bought it. The moment I got home I put it on and showed my mom. She adored it. I went to my room so I could look into the mirror but something wasn’t right. My hair almost looked like wood and I could barely see the clip.

 That night at around 10:30, I knew something was terribly wrong. I was typing on my computer but I could not really think. I wrote a note to my mom saying that I thought the hair clip was slowly changing me into a tree. As I was typing the last word, I looked down and saw that my knee looked wooden. I needed to get rid of the hair clip before I turned into a tree, and this was my last chance.

 I ran as fast as I could towards the Hudson River to throw the clip away, and so no one would ever find it again. I could feel myself getting stiffer and stiffer, slowly turning into wood as I got closer and closer to the Hudson River. As I got there, I knew I was almost fully a tree. I couldn’t walk anymore. My feet turned to roots. I threw the hair clip into the water and as I let go of the clip, my arm sprouted into a branch and my fingers into leaves. With my last breath, I thought of everything I was leaving behind and became a tree with a soul.


Blogging Challenge #1, Activity #2- All About Me – By Audrey

Blogging Challenge #1

Hello, everyone! I am Audrey, a sixth grader at PDS, age eleven, and I live in New York State. I live with my mom, my dad, my sister, and my two cats, Raja and Jinkx. Weird names, I know, but they suit the cats.

If I were to list every single detail about me, you would be reading a novel right now. Seriously. I could write an entire novel just on my favorite animals. So I’ll just say the basics, starting with my hobbies.

Writing is my LIFE. I write a thousand words every day, and I am trying to be able to do this for an entire year. I haven’t missed a day so far, and I’m about a third of the way done, which is exciting for me. And no, I don’t do it for school. It was a personal choice. See? I am invested in writing.

I also participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short), an event that happens every November. National Novel Writing Month is where you try to write as many words of a new novel as you can. You set a goal for yourself and write every day until you reach it, and you have to reach it by the end of the month. Last year was my first year doing it, and I achieved my goal of 30,500 words in November. I continued working on my novel for about three more months, and at the end of February I finished and self published my book on Amazon. I got to do a reading in a bookstore and a radio interview, which was very exciting.

Even though writing is life, I’m still a huge reader. I love reading almost as much as I love writing. I consider myself a bookworm.

I can read a two hundred page book in two or three days if it is really interesting, and if I am really committed I might even be able to read one in only a day. My favorites are The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Egypt Game, Cowboy and Octopus, The Phantom Tollbooth, and a million more. I wish I could name them all, except that would take up all of your time.

Other than writing, I enjoy playing soccer, watching television (I’m a bit obsessed), joking around with my family, drawing, cuddling with my cats, and more.

I am a genuinely hard working person, always trying to do the best I can at school. At home it is a different situation. Let’s just say, if you walk into my house right now, you will probably spot me sitting on the couch watching television. I might also be eating some cookies and spilling spaghetti all over my new white shirt.

I also have very interesting taste in music and television. With music, I’m not a very big fan of the big name artists (Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, etc.). I am more into bands that are a bit more mature for my age, like The White Stripes and Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds. Not many people in my grade know these bands, and the same goes for my favorite TV shows. Even though I am sometimes found watching episodes of Spongebob I am mostly found watching more mature shows, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother (both incredible, if you like sitcoms and vampires). I’m very emotional when it comes to them as well. Actually, I’m emotional when it comes to any sort of television.

Other than my personality quirks, I have some physical quirks as well.

My style is pretty casual. I dye my hair, and it is currently a light pink-blonde color and comes down to my shoulders. I mostly wear jeans, yoga pants, and regular t-shirts. I wear skirts once in a while, but I sometimes think that I look immature in them, so I stick to jeans. Dresses are only for occasions. I wear earrings sometimes, but I always forget to put them in. I’m also very short for my age, which makes me look younger than I am now.

I can be forgetful sometimes. It can be simple things, like who’s playing what position in soccer, or some school things, like my schedule, or what happened in a movie I just saw. It can be frustrating. Other than that, I’m also kind of bad-tempered and rude and pretty impatient at times. But, beside the bad qualities (which I’m not going to pay too much attention to), I have a great sense of humor, I can be generous, and selfless. But I can be a little weird (in a good way). For instance, I have seven favorite animals, I was interested in magic for a while, I consider my spirit animal an octopus, and my nickname is Psychic Eyeball (long story).

Of course, I could tell you more, but again, I don’t want to drag on until I have an entire novel. So I have to say goodbye. Adios, Au revoir, eeSay ouYay aterLay. To all of my fans, good night! I’ll be here all week! (And for a matter of fact, the whole year too).

Wait! One last thing; my family is thinking of getting a miniature pig, but we still haven’t decided on a name. I think for a girl it should either be Ramona or Ginger or Evelyn or Cosima, and for a boy I want to name it either Clifford or Paul. What do you think?

Now, my readers, I will fly off in my magic bubble! Good bye!


Challenge 1 Activity 2- by Eden

Challenge 1 Activity 2

This is my avatar. I chose this avatar because it is a type of drawing called manga and I love drawing manga cartoons because they are fun and easy to draw. These are some things that are part of manga drawing  large eyes ,round head, tiny mouth, very detailed hair and if you look close you can see that she has very simple hands with no fingers. Another reason I chose this avatar is because I have blue hair and her skin is blue (don’t worry I do not have blue skin), also one of my new favorite movies is called guardians of the galaxy in it everyone has colored skin. I also liked her because she has a musical instrument, a guitar, and I play the violin. I really like this avatar. I tried another avatar also but I liked this one a lot better.Bwc9__8C6Q7NRpK8Ou6lTIvT9YEbjcPYyuIh9DiR5FVDiF5PJ_6eLzUeGf_vJNBHr28jiqF0x4nC8LGkEtmuLtUal0492fzvaMp3I73RYs1WqOjjHRyquMkVy6b0kqgGrw

December Sky – By Nachman

December Sky

The sky,

misty grays and white,

woven together,

a blanket, resting gently over the child.


Across the dark blue oceans,

the water swaying, side to side, to its own rhythm,

across continents,

green tree tops, and yellow-white sand


Below the blanket of sky,

one patch,

once green,

but is now many shades of gray.


Looking up,

from the ground,

from the mud and leaves,

and from brambles and branches,


To the right,

a brilliant patch of white,

and back,

the tiniest strands of brave, new, fresh blue


While the rest of the sky,

the rest of the blanket,

smothering the earth,

is gray, and white, with a hint of steely silver.


In front,

the stream sits,

the water unmoving, still,

a dam of leaves blocks its motion


It has no current,

It has no life.


Ice nibbles away at the edges,

not strong enough to penetrate,

not weak enough to finally lose its hold


Spanning the dead stream,

a once mighty tree lies,

its trunk crusted with mold,

plants growing through the cracks of the remaining bark,


Its mighty trunk,

so sturdy, strong, impenetrable,

yet fallen,

sprouts into branches,


Started as a great trunk,

Ended in a meaningless twig.


Then past the still,

past the dead river, and the once mighty tree,


Life emerges.


A small bird breaks into flight,

its wings a blur,

and the first birdcalls ring out through the peace.


A flit of movement,

brown, grey, black, chestnut,

its tail wags,

as it darts onto the log,


The first call from the bird is joined,

one that trills, in powerful bursts of sound,

one that tweets, again and again,

and from somewhere, a putting noise



a flash of yellow

a car honks

a door slams


The peace

the silence

the serenity is broken


The forest is different.


The trees are the same,

still silver-gray-brown,

monuments reaching to touch the sky,

to break through the white-gray blanket.


The placid stream is still itself,

the ice still nibbles at its edges,


The once mighty tree still



across the stream


But the life is gone.


No darting squirrel,

no flitting bird,

and no more song.


The chorus of the birds is gone.


Only a small, putting, sound remains



one bird calls

and the air is pierced

pierced by the brave, blue, strands of sky

and pierced by the chorus of the birds.


Life has returned.

100 Word Challenge By Erik

I opened the door. Thud! A peanut hit me straight in the forehead.  I feel back a little but quickly balanced myself. Another peanut hit me this time in the chest.  Before Jacob could throw another one I dove into his room and hid behind a desk. More peanuts came flying at me.  I looked around me but there was nothing for me to throw at him. Finally I picked up some of the broken peanuts that Jacob had thrown at me and threw them back at him.  After a minute I had none left. I had nowhere to go!


From the point of view of an adult-
  • How many posts did you write?

I wrote a lot of posts, about 7-10

  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

Most were school based, pretty much all of them.

  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I got about 5 comments overall. One from a teacher, three from family members and one from a classmate

  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

My scary story got the most comments. I think that was the case because it had a really gripping title.

  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I really enjoyed my self post because I think it really expressed myself as a person and I thought that I did a good job of that

  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?

I don’t know what that means

  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I didn’t have any widgets at all. I think i should have added more.

  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

I had zero students from overseas.

Inkheart Book Talk – Manny




It might sound awesome if your dad can read characters out of a book, but if he gets kidnapped because of that, it’s not so awesome. In the   book Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, 13 year old Meggie is dragged out of bed one morning to go to a lady called Elinor’s house with a guy named Dustfinger who she hasn’t even met before! Her father, Mortimer, is having a book stored for him which, much to Meggie’s disagreement, he is not letting her read before he gives it away. Once at Elinor’s house at night time Meggie finds out her father was just kidnapped right inside the house! Along their journey in the book Meggie meets lots of new friends and companions and finds out some aren’t real… Meggie’s mom disappeared when Meggie was just a little girl. If you think that’s bad, Mortimer read three other characters out from the book Inkheart. Their names were Capricorn, Basta and a little glass man who broke right as he got out. Capricorn and Basta are mass killers and the ones who kidnapped Mortimer earlier. This book will give you an adventure that will blow your mind!

Activity Blogging Challenge Number 9 – Manny

Edublogs Activity Challenge Week 9

The Adventure of Pepito Corvette


Imagine this, a shrill morning in early March, just standing and admiring the view off of the relaxing monument we call the Eiffel Tower. The warm sun beating down on your back making you feel as if you were covered in a cozy blanket. I am an artist named Pepito Corvette. I travel around the world searching for historical and famous artwork for my boss. His name is Fernando and is part of an international trade center that sells famous artwork for money. Oh yeah did I forget to mention illegally!

Attributions: The Eiffel Tower by Geoff Livingston

Chapter 1

Journey to the Eiffel Tower

“On April 16, 1989, I stared out of my hotel window into the distance of the land and breathed in a deep breath of fresh air. Then I set out to find the Mona Lisa at the Louvre that my boss had described to me in detail last night.

He specifically said, “Go in there posing as a tourist, then get all the other tourists and workers there out with your equipped system I have granted you with. Meet our other officer who will be wearing a gas mask and hand him the tracking device. Then sneak over to the painting and cover it with your cloth. Lastly get out as quick as you can. The last thing we need is the cops getting a clue of where we are. Remember, this can be a very dangerous job if you do it wrong.”

Of course there was always a time limit with Fernando, but I was not about to start complaining and blow our 100,000 dollars out the window!

So I pack up all my things, including my cloth, and set out to find the Louvre. You might think,
“Oh, that sounds easy!”
“Well let me assure you, it’s not easy routing your way through Paris when you don’t even speak french. Trying to find the people who speak English is even harder! At last I gave up when I stopped at a small cozy coffee shop called L’Autre Cafe for a drink. The first waiter I had was a real pain in the neck. I kept on asking him, “May I please have the menu or at least a waiter who speaks English!”
The waiter muttered something in french, then walked off into the kitchen. 15 minutes went by until a lady waitress came to my aid.
“I’m sorry for the inconvenience earlier, I am Shayla and I’ll be your waitress today.” She said.
I said, “Thank you but all I want is a espresso and directions to the Louvre.”
Shayla gave me a map and my espresso and I was on my way. I finally found my check point, The Eiffel Tower. As I traveled to the top I noticed someone or something following me.

Websites used:
L’Autre Cafe
The Louvre

Coming Soon!

Chapter 2

I’m Not the Only One Here

Blogging challenge #9 – By Massimo

Blogging challenge #9  Skate boardingSkate boarding is one of my biggest passions. I first got my skate board when I was  6 years old. I tried to ride but it was so much harder than I thought. Eventually when I was about 8, I got better at it so I went to a skate park near by. I kept practicing and practicing until I went down ramps. I have a friend who skates, so we worked together. When my friend and I got really good we dared each other to go down the 7 foot drop in ramp. We both did it on the first try but it scared us.

I also really like long boarding. My favorite brand is Bustin Boards I really like their different types of designs. It’s much harder than the regular type of skate boarding. One of the reasons is that you can turn way easier so if you lean to far you will fall off. Another reason is that you are supposed to go really fast down hills which is really fun. One time I loosened the trucks of the skate board too much so I totally fell off and cut up my knees. I had to walk all the way back home before I could feel bad. I started liking long boards when dad got his second one. It wasn’t long at all but they only made 100 of them. On my B-day my dad gave me that board and I freaked out.

Name: my board                             Taken by: Massimo

My dad started the long board addiction in me. As I said before, he got it for me on my birthday so it meant a lot to me. My dad and I always want to go skate boarding when we can. When I skate board I like to go over my limits and just have fun. It’s also really important to me because I have a lot of father and son time. Skate boarding in general is really important to me because I wouldn’t have as many funny and not so funny stories I have today.