Shirley's 6th Grade

The Curse of The Trees-Eden

It was just an ordinary day at the Enchantia Mall in Poughkeepsie. Zola, Lilly and I were walking around when a hair clip caught my eye in Zandle, the accessories store. It was made of ancient wood and covered in gemstones that sparkled like the stars. It was so beautiful that I had to stop. […]

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Blogging Challenge #1, Activity #2- All About Me – By Audrey

Blogging Challenge #1 Hello, everyone! I am Audrey, a sixth grader at PDS, age eleven, and I live in New York State. I live with my mom, my dad, my sister, and my two cats, Raja and Jinkx. Weird names, I know, but they suit the cats. If I were to list every single detail […]

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Challenge 1 Activity 2- by Eden

Challenge 1 Activity 2 This is my avatar. I chose this avatar because it is a type of drawing called manga and I love drawing manga cartoons because they are fun and easy to draw. These are some things that are part of manga drawing  large eyes ,round head, tiny mouth, very detailed hair and […]


December Sky – By Nachman

December Sky The sky, misty grays and white, woven together, a blanket, resting gently over the child.   Across the dark blue oceans, the water swaying, side to side, to its own rhythm, across continents, green tree tops, and yellow-white sand   Below the blanket of sky, one patch, once green, but is now many […]


100 Word Challenge By Erik

I opened the door. Thud! A peanut hit me straight in the forehead.  I feel back a little but quickly balanced myself. Another peanut hit me this time in the chest.  Before Jacob could throw another one I dove into his room and hid behind a desk. More peanuts came flying at me.  I looked […]

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Challenge #10 From the point of view of an adult- How many posts did you write? I wrote a lot of posts, about 7-10 How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? Most were school based, pretty much all of them. How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers […]


Inkheart Book Talk – Manny

INKHEART     It might sound awesome if your dad can read characters out of a book, but if he gets kidnapped because of that, it’s not so awesome. In the   book Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, 13 year old Meggie is dragged out of bed one morning to go to a lady called Elinor’s house with […]


Activity Blogging Challenge Number 9 – Manny

Edublogs Activity Challenge Week 9 The Adventure of Pepito Corvette Introduction Imagine this, a shrill morning in early March, just standing and admiring the view off of the relaxing monument we call the Eiffel Tower. The warm sun beating down on your back making you feel as if you were covered in a cozy blanket. […]

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Blogging challenge #9 – By Massimo

Blogging challenge #9  Skate boardingSkate boarding is one of my biggest passions. I first got my skate board when I was  6 years old. I tried to ride but it was so much harder than I thought. Eventually when I was about 8, I got better at it so I went to a skate park […]



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