Zsofi’s Natures Classroom

I loved Nature’s Classroom! It was so much fun, but my favorite part was at the end of the day when we all did a sing-along in the amphitheater (my favorite song was the one about the worm). The food we got was great; it had amazing gluten-free options (I’m  gluten free), and really good tasting gluten-free bread. I really liked my counselor Sassafras (all the counselors had nicknames, I still do not know my counselor’s actual name). The only problem was that whenever I came back to my bunk, I would find weird grains of sand in it that I had to sweep off my bed. Also, I think it would have been a lot easier to get to the top bunk with a ladder and not by climbing on the bed frame.

I really enjoyed the simulations we did there, and my favorite was the Oregon Trail one. In the Oregon Trail, my group were farmers and we had the least amount of money, but for some reason the person who was in charge of buying the wagon we would be using decided to buy the Mercedes of wagons (it was a lot of money). In a nutshell we all froze to death in the end in the simulation. Nevertheless I had an amazing time at Nature’s Classroom.   

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My Favorite Picture Book By Zsofi

I was a naive, four-year-old toddler. I usually spent the day in preschool, where I made some of my great friends. My mom was trying to find a new picture book for me. She was in Barnes and Noble; as she entered, she became overwhelmed with the smell of mold and coffee. My mom strolled to the colorful picture book section, all of a sudden in the corner of her eye she spotted a purple book. She investigated the book, then it struck my mom:  Between how the small girl became stronger than all her brothers, and how she ended up beating every single knight from  far away lands in an epic joust, my mom thought this would be a great book to start her “feminist boot camp,” at least that is what I call it.


My mom brought me up in the same way in which Rosie the Riveter would have brought up her children. She has always told me that women should and can do whatever any guy can do. Ever since I was a small child, my mom has also taught me to always be paranoid, and hold keys between my fingers whenever I walk outside at night, and, if possible, to have pepper spray on me at all times. After my mom found this book, she headed straight to the down escalator and swept past the notebook section to purchase the book. After she bought the book, she left Barnes and Noble. With the mold smell still lingering, she walked back to the black Highlander my family owned at the time, and drove home.


That same night she introduced the book to me.  At first I was as skeptical as a four-year-old could be about a book. But I seemed to enjoy it. I hated fairytales, but for some reason I enjoyed this book, I have no clue why, but I did. The first time my mom read it to me, I was in my bed in my baby blue pajamas with a gray hippopotamus on them (a hand-me-down from my cousin). I also had my favorite stuffed animal that I brought home from my preschool and kept for a good month, and eventually my preschool teacher just let me keep it. I do not know why I liked that stuffed dog so much, maybe because even then I wanted a real dog.


The first time my mom read this book to me, I was in bed, extremly sleepy. My eyes almost closed, my mom started to read and I felt enchanted by the tale. When my mom was reading the story to me, I remember lying down in the sheet with the pattern of flowers that  I always thought looked like goats (no one else in my family agreed). Listening to the book made me feel as if I was a tiny goat, lying down in the middle of a flowery meadow. After that, my mom read me this book every night, and I loved it.


I feel everything that happens to you when you are a toddler impacts the future you extremely. Even today this is one of my favorite picture books. Even if you are a little bit older, it does not mean you cannot enjoy things for younger kids, and it does not mean that everything you do, watch, or read, has to be something made for toddlers. But it does mean that sometimes it’s good to go back to things you once enjoyed, and what you might still enjoy and not even know it.

Photo taken by Zsofi
Photo taken by Zsofi

Last Blogging Challenge – By Zsofi

Last Blogging Challenge

I am sorry to say but this is my last Blogging Challenge post. My favorite post for the Blogging Challenge would be the one I didn’t posted since I got the flu, but wrote, and worked hard on anyway. It was week #7, the post needed to be about a non man-made thing, such as animals, rocks, stars, etc… I decided to make my post about civets. I really enjoyed studying for this post, and at the end making a short stop motion animation of a clay civet climbing a tree. Another post I loved was when I wrote about cupcakes, and I got to find out more about one of my favorite foods, which would probably not have happened if I had not written a post about cupcakes.


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My Holiday Post By Zsofi

Christmas At My House

My mom is an immigrant from the Czech Republic, and my dad is an immigrant from Hungary. Each of these places have different traditions for Christmas, and for some crazy reason my parents decided to celebrate them all. On December 6th, we celebrate Mikulas (the Czech and Hungarian Santa), who comes and fills your shoes and stockings with gifts. He was a Greek bishop, known as the protector of children. Then on Christmas Eve, I celebrate Jezisek. While writing this post, I just found out that apparently Jezisek is Baby Jesus, and he conjures up presents. Odd, I know. Last but not least, there is Santa. If you do not already know who Santa is, on Christmas morning he comes and gives you presents. Santa is pretty much an Anglicized version of St. Nick/the original Santa. It seems every country has its own version of St. Nick.  

Here is a link to a site where you can find more about different holiday traditions.

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Week 4 Blogging Challenge Activity #2 by Zsofi

Halloween Poem:

I do not know what to be for Halloween

Maybe I could be a chocolate tree or a beach flee?

Should I be a misunderstood small southern arrow wood?

Or perhaps should I scare everyone by being terrifyingly good

at acting like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood

I think I will just be an art expo conventioneer.

So  many options I have before I veer

And decide to become a Virginia deer   

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Week 3 Activity #1 Blogging Challenge

The story I’m about to tell you happened this summer when I was flying to Poland for the first time. I was so excited because I was going to Poland, plus I was going to meet my Polish family for the first time. When I arrived at eleven at night at the hotel, we got to the room and I was exhausted and grumpy so I got into bed. The next day I toured Warsaw with my cousin and aunt, and after our full day tour, we went to an enormous dinner with all my relatives, such as my three times removed cousin, Pepino, and my four times removed niece, Lena, and my great-great aunt who played the harmonica for all of us. It was great and fun, but the food was terrible because instead of making Polish food, the restaurant made “international” food–whatever that means! Overall, I had an amazing time in Poland.

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At 800 5-Mile River Road., Putnam, Connecticut – By Zsofi

At 800 5-Mile River Road., Putnam, Connecticut

There lived a woman, who had black hair, which she would put up in a ponytail. She had bloodshot eyes as if she rarely ever saw light, and she would always wear the same 1950s style blue dress. She never left her house unless she needed food or water. But when she did leave her house, she was always considered an oddity by the rest of the people who lived on the road.

One day an old man who ran a farm about a quarter of a mile away was found dead, covered in water. Obviously the people who lived on 5-Mile River Road started to get suspicious, and of course they started to blame the weird woman with black hair. So they started to shun her, to makeScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 1.48.04 PM her feel like she should be ashamed of herself, until she had had enough! And so she moved

No one really knew when or where she went; she was just sort of gone from one day to the next. After she had left, the road continued to be that calm pleasant road in the countryside, where the people who drive by say things like, “Look at the beautiful countryside.” But then after a few months, everything just started to go wrong.

Halloween struck!!! Five people lived on the road, on halloween all five were found drowned… dead on halloween night. No one really knew what did it or what had happened, and no one ever will, for not a soul has inhabited the road since. They say the thing, the beast, the person who killed everyone on 5 Mile River Road still lurks as the black haired woman drives by, and says, “Look at the beautiful countryside.”     





Week #1 Blogging Challenge

Activity 1:  

Online I do not think I am that different because on the internet I tend to try to be as much like I am in real life as possible, because I like who I am and I want to be the closest thing to me as possible online. When I write online and blog I try to make my posts informational yet entertaining and fun to read. Most of the time on the internet I try to be as much like me as I can be, but at the same time if I find some thing I do not usually write about that I really like, I will write about it. So in some way I do try to make what and write better than if I say it out loud.

Activity 2:

In the picture below I sort of created what I would like to wear instead of what I actually wear: for example, my mom would never let me walk around with a staff (that just happens to look a whole lot like Gandalf’s staff). I put clothes on my avatar that I would wear in real life but that, sadly, I am never able to find. I tend to use avatars as a more extravagant way of what I would look like in real life, but, most often, I do aim for the avatars to at least look a little like me, such as having how a red backpack on my avatar and having a red backpack that I wear to school.


Chibi Makerme avavtar

I just thought that chibis are really cute, so I ended up finding a chibi maker site. This site has a lot of options to customize your avatar with.


Activity 3:

I am Zsofia

I am first generation American. Yet every year I am dragged to a small village in Hungary for at least two weeks and one day a year, but I enjoy Budapest, as well as the many other countries I have visited such as, Berlin, Prague, and Greece. I have no siblings, but I have a dog named Bobo who I miss immensely every year when I am in Hungary, a schnauzer-poodle mix (a Schnoodle), who is currently watching me as I type this blog.