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Blogging Challenge #5. I think it is important to use pictures in your posts because it really enhances them. Also I f you are talking about something someone else might not know you should probably put a picture of it on your post. If you are talking about rainbows for example you might want a picture to enhance the post. You should be careful you are not copyrighting the photo and here are the rules….

When using images in blog posts you should be careful if you  use a picture or text from another person. Always make sure you have the persons permission that you are taking the image from because if you don’t you might get in trouble for using the photo. It is illegal to do so, so always make sure you have their permission. It’s also OK to have pictures that are your own; that you take with your own camera (you could even copyright these your self). Also there are some people that are happy to lend you some pictures. All you need is a licence from Creative Commons. There are many places were you can get free pictures with a licence. For example flickrCC is a good place to start. In flickrCC people can share their photos with another person to use(as long as they have a is a license) and you can share yours to be used.

This is a picture from flickrcc

Strangers, Friends

by Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan


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