No School! by Raiyaan

Here’s how my power outage went for three whole days… The first day the power went out we used flashlights as a light source until my dad got the generator running. Once the generator was running we tried to save as much power as we could by unplugging any unnecessary plug-ins. Once that was finished we had dinner, since the stove wasn’t working we had to use the grill. We  cooked some chicken and bread and ate it together. Then we fell asleep.
The Next morning,  my family and I got up, cleared the driveway from the snow, and just sat and talked. Occasionally my little sister and I would go outside and “try” to build a snow man or go sledding. My dad hooked up the generator to the T.V so we could watch since everyone in the house was so bored. We rented a movie called “Zookeeper”.On Halloween nothing really happened since my family doesn’t  celebrate it. We had about two trick or treaters that were out there actually trick or treating. So to pass the time, we just talked and watched T.V.After that my mom and my dad left to get pizza since we couldn’t bake anything. My parents  also went to get some gas for the generator. When they left they didn’t leave the generator on so my little sister, my brother, my grandma and me were all stuck and bored ’till my dad got back. Then when my mom and dad did get back they only put on the generator for the lights since it was night. Then we all went to bed. As soon as I stepped in to my bed the power came on and everyone was so happy. After that all happened I got up and did my H.W at about 11 p.m.

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  1. I like your commnets. Well actually power does not go out that often -Tank Goodness. But when it does it is chaos. So we all appreciate Electricity.
    Nice work Raiyaan

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