Week #8 Activity #4 – More comments – by Leif

1.We could increase the number of comments on our blog by having more interactive things like more videos or pictures on our blog.

2.We could we could put words that people would search in our blog like pizza or national geographic or stuff we are studying so that other kids in other schools might be doing the same thing search it then find our blog.

3. We could have the people in our class contact people they know like relatives and then ask them to contact their friends and it would snowball into a giant mass of comments.

4.We should also welcome comments like saying at the end of the post “well what do you think” or “please comment”.

5. We could respond to all our comments then people will think more of us instead of thinking we slack off and not return comments.

6. We should be humble in our posts so our readers don’t think we are really tough and mean.

7.We should not write everything on one topic so that we be open ended and people can actually respond to it.

8. We should think about new commenters – people who have not commented ever before.

9. We could advertise it on our billboard.

10. We could get in contact with other schools and ask them to comment.

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