Challenge #10 by Zoë

Challenge #10

I wrote eight posts and one is awaiting approval by my teacher. Three posts are school based, and four are for the Blogging challenge.

In total I have 54 comments. The post that I received most comments on was my “No School-by Zoe”. I think that post received the most comments because it caught peoples’ attention. I also think it got the most comments because some people had some similar things happen to them and some the complete opposite.

The post I enjoyed writing the most was “Challenge #9 by Zoe”.  I had the most fun writing my “Challenge #9” post because I love to draw and my friend always teaches me new ways to draw manga.

Yes, my teacher did change our blog theme to a picture of terracotta warriors. I think she changed it to make the blog look more interesting and not just have it be one color.

Our class blog has several widgets, including  twitter, a visitor map, a sitemeter, blogging challenge badges and a flag counter. I think it’s a good amount for now but after reading someone else’s post I think we should have a virtual pet too. I know other blogs have virtual pets and they are fun for lots of people so I wish we had one.

Our class blog has nine overseas classes in our blogroll.



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  1. I will write more about your post later, Zoe, but for now I just wanted to share that I have seen the Terracotta Warriors myself! I was fortunate enough to see them when they were “visiting” the High Museum of Art in Atlanta a few years ago. I cannot begin to express how impressive this clay army is. Each soldier different, from his face to his hair to the clothes he is wearing. I really liked the horses and the chariots as well. It was a thrill for me because I had taught my students about them one year. We had read in Time For Kids when more of the soldiers had been unearthed and I never thought I would have the opportunity to see them in person one day. I found it fascinating to learn about the First Emperor and all of the developments of his reign. It was truly a highlight of my life to see these soldiers. I hope you and all of your classmates get to see them one day as well.

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