Blogging challenge #10 – Grace

Blogging Challenge #10
Participating in the blogging challenge was one of my favorite things to do so far this year. I loved writing all the posts and then putting them on our blog. My favorite challenge that we did was challenge number four. I found that one interesting and useful because I like writing about things that I love and in that one I wrote about my hobby of playing the ukulele and trying to be better at it. Every time we got the assignment our teacher posted it on our blog but we also got to see the assignment on the blogging challenge website. Some of the topics we had were really easy and some were really hard. I think that a few more blogging challenges were needed because when we had our first challenge about putting a cc image in our post, we only used an image twice in a post. We also could have used a tutorial about how to make a link in a post. That would have been useful.I liked embedding pictures and cartoons because it was fun learning and it made my posts more interesting. I wish we could have included more pictures in our blog. We did a lot of looking at overseas blogs and I think doing that was a very important part of the blogging challenge. The “visit these” blogs were very useful because I got to see what other people from different blogs were doing in the blogging challenge. I liked posting comments on other blogs. I think we had just the right amount of activities for specific classes. I made a lot of global connections to a lot of different people from different overseas blogs. I found out that a person from another blog has the same music interests as me. I liked all the challenges that we completed and I really hope we do the blogging challenge again in seventh grade.

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