Blogging challenge 6 #7 -By Anna

Blogging Challenge #6

Technology has changed the way we work by letting us look at work that other people have done. We can also discover new things on one little device or use many devices at the same time. Instead of looking for a book on science you could go online and look up whatever you are looking for. There are also some problems with what technology is doing. Some people put out sites that have incorrect information. Sometimes when I am making a presentation for my class I look at a site that I think has the correct information and I make the presentation with the information from the site. Then it turns out the site had completely wrong information. Anyone can make a .com or .org site and they can put anything on the site. This means you have to watch where you get your information and always use .gov or .edu if you are looking for completely correct information.

There is another downside to all the new technology which is people get distracted. When you are working on a computer you can be pretending you are working but you are really watching funny cat videos or IMing your friend. It’s not very good and I think we need to find a solution to that problem soon because it is getting a little out of hand. We can now also communicate in different ways. We can text, we can call, we can skype etc. We no longer have an excuse for not doing something because we can do it even if we are sick. At my school we skype into class if we are sick. We do the same thing we would normally do except we’re not actually at school. Technology has many effects on the way we work. Some of the things are great but some are not so good. I think overall technology has had a good effect on how we can do different things.


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