Letter to Denis and Francis – Logan

Hi Denis and Francis,
My name is Logan. I am in 6th grade and I go to PDS. We are studying medieval China and my 6th grade class watched your movie about going on Marco Polo’s journey. We thought it was really cool that you were able to finish the journey after all that had happened.

I really liked that you acted very professional in the movie and were very funny. It would be very cool if you could come to our school and present about your journey. We have A LOT of questions to ask you and we would be honored. I wish I had enough courage like you did “illegally” crossing borders and going through very dangerous war zones.

What was it like to travel through a warzone like you did on your journey? Was it scary? How did you feel? Also do you have a Skype account if you do we could Skype you. I hope I get to meet you someday if you come to our school or Skype us. It would be a really awesome if you could!!!



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