Week 5 Blogging Challenge Activity #1


Cupcakes are one of America’s favorite foods; a small version of a cake, a cup-sized cake. It is odd that America for once is making something smaller; but, wait, no, to compensate there is often a mountain of icing–a fancy word for straight up sugar and butter. Cupcakes first showed up in America in the 1900s. No one really knows where the name cupcakes comes from but there are two theories. One, that they were baked in cups or, tow, the ingredients of the cupcake were measured in a cup. Cupcakes are amazing things that I feel people should appreciate more, and not just an everyday thing in someone’s everyday life. All About Cupcakes

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 espresso chocolate cupcakes with amarena cherry and amaretto mascarpone frostingmmm...cupcakes!Panda CupcakesCarrie via Compfight

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6 thoughts on “Week 5 Blogging Challenge Activity #1

  1. Zsofi,
    My mouth started watering as soon as I saw those images. I like the cupcakes that have chocolate icing with little chocolates on top of them.

  2. Hi,
    I am Naho from the class blog Hongwanji MS ELA in Hawaii, United States. I love cupcakes, they are super sweet, and it’s like eating a small cake in a cup. Do you like cupcakes?
    Thank you,

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