Teddy Bear Puppies come to life ~all about dogs~ by Ryanne

I have two dogs, one is a girl and one is a boy. The girl’s name is Layla and the boy’s name is Cobey. They are Teddy Bear Puppies (a mix of  Bichon and Shih-tzu). They are also called Zuchons and Shichons. I got my dogs off of a website and they flew on an airplane all the way here.  I am not only going to talk about my dogs, I am going to focus on telling you everything about Teddy Bear Puppies. Here is a video of Teddy Bear Puppies playing! I am just making it clear that I’m going to call them Teddy Bears from now on so please don’t get confused.  I am talking about a type of dog.  


Teddy Bears have real hair instead of fur and because of that they don’t shed. The dogs barely grow and at two years old they are full grown. Teddy Bears weigh from 5 to 16 pounds. A sixteen pound Teddy Bear would be surprising to me, but I have heard about them a couple times. My dog Cobey is about 7 months old. When he is fully grown he will be about 12 pounds. When you get a Teddy Bear Puppy it will probably say what size it is. Cobey is a regular size. Layla is a toy size. Layla is 2 years old (almost 3) and she is fully grown at 10 pounds. The reason Cobey is younger but heavier is because regular size is bigger than toy size. There’s also a size smaller than Layla called tiny toy. They are so small you have to be really careful and you can’t leave them for longer than 3-4 hours. They highly recommend being older than eight years old to get a tiny toy.


The name Teddy Bears came from their looks. They have big eyes and long soft fur. If you don’t cut their fur monthly their hair will be super long. Their fur comes in a lot of different patterns. Teddy Bear are not mean at all. They could play bite because of  playing or teething, but it does not break the skin. Teddy Bears are really hard to potty train and it could take months. Teddy Bears love to do tricks! They are easy to train for tricks but not easy to train for potty training. They are mostly well mannered pups. The puppies love to play and cuddle with you. They love to play all day and snuggle in your bed at night (when they are potty trained). That is it for Teddy Bear Puppies hope you enjoyed reading all about dogs!

Comment if you have a dog or If you want a dog. What kind do you have or want? What is its name or what would be its name.

These are my Puppies and a drawing I drew!! 

        Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 11.36.16 AM     Photo on 11-20-15 at 11.45 AM #2


3 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Puppies come to life ~all about dogs~ by Ryanne

  1. G’day Ryanne,
    I have never heard of Teddy Bear puppies before reading your post. I love the way you have included some personal information about your dogs in your post.

  2. Dear Ryanne,
    Our class was excited to learn that you posted a beautiful comment on Rhianna’s blog. We are interested to know more about you and your class in sixth grade.

    We do know that you are an amazing writer. The post about Teddy Bears is darling. I’ll have Rhianna read it to our class tomorrow.

    We think from your previous posts that you might live in New York. We are all the way across the country in Oregon. Greet your class from us.

    Happy blogging Ryanne,
    Mrs. Fordyce and the 27 third grade ranchers

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