Week #7 Lurchers Of The Woods BY Tess

I’ve always been interested in foxes. When I was little I always missed seeing them in my backyard. Foxes are beautiful creatures with red, white and black fur. They are found in many places including North America and Asia. Foxes are a part of the Canidae family. Some other animals in the Canidae family are Wolves and Dogs. I have always found foxes around my house in the woods. In researching this was a big question for me. I found out foxes live in an environment with mostly trees and grass. So you’re most likely to see them in a forest or a grassy field. But, you could also see them in other places like mountains and down by Oceans.


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Foxes are about the size of a medium sized dog. So they don’t look as scary as some other creatures. Last time I saw a fox it ran away before I could get a glimpse of its face. So they aren’t too fierce around humans unless you meet the wrong one. But foxes aren’t human eating animals. They mostly eat meat and vegetation. Something’s foxes eat are Mice,Rabbits and Lizards. If a fox lives by the ocean, it can also eat fish and other sea creatures.

Foxes Flesh for Blood via Compfight

Sadly, foxes don’t live that long out in the wild. They only live about 2 years. They can live 6 times longer in captivity. Up to 12 years! When you find foxes in the wild, they don’t look as pretty as you might think. My father told me the last fox he saw was ragged and dirty. But, if you see them in captivity they look great! This really shows the living differences in captivity and in the wild.

'Frodo' (1)Creative Commons License Peter Trimming via Compfight

Foxes usually only have one mate but can have more. They also can have nannies who look over the pups for the mother and father. Nannies are foxes that don’t have mates. So they really devote their time to the pups.They are almost like humans! Another thing that makes foxes like us is they can identify each others voices. They have many different sounds they communicate through. Overall foxes are beautiful creatures that I don’t think should be hunted. Please if you can help, try! I bet foxes would love it!


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  1. G’day Tess,
    What a great post about foxes lurking in our forests and elsewhere. I learnt some new information and like the way you have included other websites as links rather than the URL.

  2. Hey you visited my my Blog and said “What would be the best place to go to in Asia?”And I would say somewhere around the west coast.

  3. Hi Tess,

    I agree foxes are beautiful creatures along with there red coats. What surprises me honestly is that they live longer in captivity. I always thought it would be the opposite. Thank you for the link! I really learned more about foxes.

    Visit our website if you have a chance

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