Maya Nature’s Classroom

I really liked Nature’s classroom. We were there Monday through Thursday and I say overall, it was pretty fun. I had some homesickness but I got over it. My favorite thing to do was make H20 rockets. My rocket was named BVB (after Black Veil Brides) and I made it with Caidin and Bella (some of my classmates.) It was really fun to make them and to shoot them up into the air. I also watched a squid get dissected.  I also got to see and touch everything in the squid.  


I really liked field groups. Field group is something that you do in the morning, and it’s usually a hike and a game. My field group leader was Garrett  a.k.a. Carrot. He took us off trail and we usually played games instead of hiking. Also he told very good stories and he thought that carrots and celery was dessert. My favorite activity to do was probably free time that we between classes and meals. In my bunk was Olivia, Annie, Olive, Eden and Joanie. We discussed how tired we were and how fun our classes were.


Overall I had a very fun time at Nature’s Classroom. The meals were good, even though you were assigned a table. At my table was Anna, Audrey, Eden and Justin and in my personal opinion that’s a pretty good table. The one bad side is that you can’t contact your parents, or listen to music. When I got home I blasted my music. I was never so happy to hear Andy Biersack’s voice that day. I would rate the trip a 9/10 and it would be a 10/10 if you could listen to music.

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