Blogging Challenge Week #5 Activity #1

My family  is from a country called Pakistan ( except we  live in America). In Pakistan we eat a lot of different foods that are all very spicy because we like to eat spicy food. (My grandma is from there and makes Pakistani food). The food we eat is very similar to indian food. Anyway, some things that we eat are,  Naan or  roti , which is a type of bread. Naan is more  soft and fluffy while roti is more dry.(I like naan better). We eat this with chicken or Kebab ( which is basically meat either round or long). They taste like  meat with a lot of spice ( but it usually depends on how the person makes it. I personally like both,( I’m a meat eater). We also eat brown rice or white rice with chicken or lamb.  Chicken from my country is spicy ,and very delicious. I don’t really like lamb though. For dessert we have a lot of things. I don’t really like Pakistani desserts that much but a lot of people do. Anyway, the things that are mostly popular , are Gulab Jamaan which are  milky balls dipped into syrup. We also eat Kulfi which is dessert based on milk. Ras Malai which is also based off of milk but is more liquidy. Barfi which comes in square shape. All of these desserts mostly taste sweet. Anyway, these are just some of the things we eat  from Pakistan.

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Cheese and Chicken Kabobs Striving Bean via Compfight

A plate of Chicken.

Buddies By Josephine

I go to PDS and we do a lot of fun activities and challenges. One thing that we do here is called buddies. Buddies is a program that lets us hang out with the kids in the lower school. We are in 6th grade and are working with the pre-k and k and it is really fun and cute. It helps a lot of people who are not the best at working with kids better. I really like this program and today was our first day.

My buddie is a little 4 year old girl named Gia. She is really cute and I had a lot of fun with her. When we got into the room we all sat in a circle and said our names and our favorite ice cream. I said, “Josephine and chocolate.” I sat down next to Anna and Jane and I hung out with a little girl named Gia. She showed Jane, Anna and I some of her projects and we just talked. Then again we sat in a circle and were assigned our buddies. I got Gia and I was happy because she is so cute and a lot of fun to hang out with.

After getting assigned our buddies we took a picture with them, then we went outside to play. We played at the swings, and in the trees we found fairy dust-sand. Then Matthew joined our group, so after that we played Duck, Duck, Goose and Hide and Go seek and other games. So we really got to know each other and I had a really good experience today with my buddies

My Favorite Place – By William


My favorite place in the world might have to be Le Loup in Bar-sur-Loup France. It is a nice river 10 minutes away from where I grew up. It is icy cold and the temperature is 17 degrees celsius. It takes about 5 minutes to get used to the water but it is very refreshing when you do. I usually go on a little cliff over the river that is really high. The one spot where I jump off of the cliff is like 7 feet deep! it is really fun. I heard stories about it. The two mountain which separate the river used to be one big mountain but the river dug its way out. When you think about a river you think of something huge like the Hudson or the Mississippi, well that’s not the case in this river. It’s really small like a creek, but it’s considered a river because of how long it is. I had so many experiences there I have been going there since I was 1 year old. Before I would basically just swim and climb the huge rocks that were 15 feet tall. Now I jump off of those rocks, and I don’t swim as much because I am to busy jumping. There are lots of trees surrounding the part of the river that I go to. I have never ever been in another part of the river in my whole life. Thank you so much for reading my all time favorite place and I would love to know yours. Comment your favorite place below.

Out of My Mind – By William

Out of My Mind is a great book about a girl named Melody. Melody has a serious case of cerebral palsy, so she has a hard time communicating with others. When she is around 4 years old her mom decides to put her in school. The room class that she goes to is for disabled kids only. She later gets accepted in a normal class and makes a friend named Rose. Although Rose can not understand Melody all the time, she can still relate to her.
Melody then makes new friends and enemies especially two girls named Clair and Molly who are overall rude. For a present Melody gets a Meditalker so she can finally communicate and express herself. She then enters a quiz team and she gets in. At the end of every chapter you need to find out what happens.

This book is great and I think you should read it. At the end of every chapter, you always are wondering what is going to happen. My whole Middle School is reading this as a Global Read Aloud and many more schools are too. I think this book overall teaches you to respect other people even if they have disabilities or not. It taught me a great lesson and I hope it teaches you one to.

My Day – By William

I usually wake up around 6:25. I get dressed, take a shower, brush my teeth, and usually go downstairs around 6:45. My mom makes me breakfast, and it’s usually toast and hot chocolat. I finish breakfast at 6:55, brush my teeth, and get ready for the bus. My mom or dad drives me to CLS (the Rhinebeck elementary school) and we see the Dutchess Day bus. A few minutes after the Dutchess Day bus leaves, the Poughkeepsie Day bus arrives. When I arrive at school it’s 8:15, and Laura usually says that we have to “catch class” because we are late.
Classes go on until break at 10:05. I usually have a bagel and I take a full one because I know that Bud or Cormac are going to take half of it. I try to eat fast because I like going outside to play basketball with my preschool friends, Wynn and Tomas. At lunch and recess I usually eat the cafeteria food and then go outside to play basketball with the 8th graders. The bus usually leaves around 3:15, and I usually play “I spy” with a nice 3rd grader named Kishi. When we get to CLS it’s 4:00. When I get home I play basketball outside, and then go inside to do homework, and then watch TV. I have dinner with my family, and then go to bed around 10:30, and then the cycle starts all over again.
What are your days like?

Clean Water – By BUd

#5 blog challenge

 Water for all

In July of 2010, The United Nations declared Water for Life, which means all nations must provide clean and safe drinking water. It is called Resolution 64. Millions of people do not have safe and clean water. This is a right that no one can be discriminated from. Water must be affordable, and men and women must have separate access to clean water or the women will not use the water.


One can help provide clean water by donating to World Vision, a website that helps people get clean water every 30 seconds.  If you are looking for a website that can give you information about your check out the Rights to Water and Sanitation.

Article 31 says that everyone has the right to clean water regardless of economic circumstance.  6,000 children die each day from a lack of clean water and that’s why we need to do something about it!    BAD13 and #13stubc

A day in the life of Jade


Hi! Here is a day in my life…

On a usual school day I wake up at 6:45 fall back asleep and wake up at 7:30. Then get ready for school. I usually have this delicious easy to make berry smoothie. I check my schedule and pack my really heavy back pack. Then my Mom or Dad drives me to school. It usually takes about 7-10 minutes to get to school.


Lunch at school is usually really good. For lunch they have a salad bar everyday. They also have pre-made salads, cheese and crackers, and all sorts of yummy things to eat.


The technology in Poughkeepsie day school is really cool. The lower school provides chromebooks for when they need it. Also in the middle school if you can’t provide a computer they give you a laptop for the year. Sometimes in the lower grades and in art class we use iPads. In the middle school we use Apple tv projectors to share our work on the screen.

My usual school schedule is… first I have advisory for 15 minutes. Then we leave to go to our  first class which is usually an academic class. Then we either have an arts class which is a class that the teacher chooses for us like an art, dance, or a music class. After that we have a half-an hour break. Then we have an academic class or an arts class. After that we have Lunch. Then we usually have another academic class of MS common time. Ms common time is pretty much study hall. At the end of school we just go to our buses or cars.

A Day in the Life – Nachman

Edublogs Challenge 3

I attend Poughkeepsie Day School. I’m lucky that I can wake up pretty late (7:30 a.m.) because my school is only about a mile away from my house, and starts at 8.15 a.m.. It’s a struggle for me to wake up in the morning because I find it hard to fall asleep at night. In fact , sometimes I feel like  by the time I’m actually asleep it’s already morning. Have you ever felt like that? In a daze, I have breakfast from 7:45 to 8:00 A.M., and then leave for school, either by bike or bus. Usually my breakfast of either a pancake or eggs helps to wake me up a little. I really enjoy the fruit and tea (made in a tiny teapot that I found in an antique market in a temple complex in Kyoto this summer) as well.

Photo on 9-30-13 at 4.39 PM


Before I tell you about my school day, let me tell you little bit about PDS itself. PDS is a progressive school, meaning that understanding concepts and creativity is emphasized over rote work.  We don’t have any tests or grades, but instead have a written report. In fact, we make a presentation to our parents on our progress every half year! PDS incorporates technology a lot:  we all use laptops to write, research, and even practice math! We use Google docs, so that we can share what we are working on instantly and  there is even  an art with technology class! Do you use computers in school? Do you like using computers?

We don’t have uniforms (which means that I can dress up to the nines!) and our classroom spaces are very flexible. In the middle school, we have a large open space with tables, comfortable chairs, and a “donut” one can sit in and pick books to read from.


Off this large space,  there are several smaller classrooms with tables, chairs, whiteboards, and projectors.  We don’t really use textbooks and don’t have individual desks. Instead we store our stuff in our lockers.

School starts at 8:15 with advisory. In advisory, I meet up with all of the other 6th graders (there are only 17 of us). Attendance is taken, and sometimes announcements are made. The school day is broken into 8-9 periods, and sometimes we have double periods in some subjects. Today, I had  math and science class, followed by a 30 minute break where we can usually do anything. However, today the people running for student council (an executive student body) had to give their campaign speeches. I am running for 6th grade representative, and also had to speak which was a little nerve wracking.  After that I had humanities class (where we study many things including reading, writing, history, english, etc.), and then lunch and recess. Since it was a Friday, we had pizza for lunch. After that I had common time and arts. In common time we can either read or study unless there is a special event or a special class. Today I learned about John Burroughs for the first period of common time, and I read for the 2nd period. In arts I had a class called Fabrications Lab. I also have an outdoor drawing art class, and a “mini movies” art class where we use technology to create art. Today we connected circuits on arduinos (mini computers). Then we used a pre written program to see how much light a receptor got when we aimed a low power laser at it.

After school I ride the bus home. I have a quick snack, practice piano, and do my homework. Today, I had soccer practice from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. Then I came home and relaxed – because it was the WEEKEND!



– Nachman

My Day- Leah

Hi my name is Leah! This is a regular day for me. First I wake up at 6:30, brush my teeth and get dressed. Then I eat my breakfast and leave for school. Since my home is an hour away from my school one of my mom’s friends drives me and my twin sister Mira to school almost every day.  After the hour long drive we are at school.

Since the school I go to has an eight day schedule, every day is a little different, but almost every day my classmates and I have Science , Math, Humanities, and Spanish. We have three different arts classes.  I have  outdoor drawing, global music and mini movies.

When school is over, I have an hour long drive home. When I get home, I have a quick bite to eat while I am doing my homework. When I am done doing my homework, I go outside and hang out with Mira and one of my best friends  Kayleigh. After that I have dinner watch TV till about 9:00 and then I go to my room. That is my day!