Final Blogging Challenge By Tess

Taking part in the blogging challenge was a lot of fun. I loved being able to do so many different and lovable activities. It was crazy to think so many people were doing the same things as me. My personal favorite activity was probably #1. I loved getting to make an avatar which I have used so many times. I have many comments from friends saying they like my avatar. I think the best thing about Activity #1 is that I made a new friend! I also really loved writing activity one. Writing about yourself to share with the world is a lot of fun, but hard at the same time. I think that doing all these challenges have taught me that you can really connect with people through so many different things (Including blogging). I’d love it if they could do blogging challenges all year long, but no one can make that many blogging challenges every year. I hope I can create my own blog and share it with the world some day.


Apple Keyboard

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Recap of blogging challenge ~Final challenge~ by Ryanne

I loved the blogging challenge! It was so fun and I learned a lot while doing it. First off I learned that you always need a url to include in comments. This is so the reader can comment back to you. You also should use a complement and a connection with the writer. It is also really nice to have a question for the writer as well, because they will want to write back. You should make as many connections to the writer as possible so they will want to talk to you. My goal was to start a conversation, and I did. I just need to comment back to the school I met. You want to start a conversation so you can possibly Skype whoever you are commenting with . You might even meet a school you’ve never heard of!  Another thing I learned was, you have to make your blog post interesting so people will read it. This might not be the most interesting post you’ve read of mine, but if you read the ones below they are a lot more interesting.

 My favorite challenge was week 7. This was the week we got to write about anything in nature. I wrote about Teddy Bear Puppies (they are real dogs not teddy bears). If you want to learn about them read the blog post named Teddy Bear Puppies come to life ~all about dogs~ by Ryanne. I liked it because I wrote about my dogs. I have two Teddy Bear Puppies named Layla and Cobey. I loved researching about them, mostly because I learned a lot! I already knew a little bit but now I know a lot more. It was awesome taking pictures and making a picture collage of my puppies!    


Please comment what your favorite challenge was. I would love to hear what you wrote about and please leave a url so I can see the post.  THANK YOU!              


Creepy Crawlies – Week 4 Activity 4 Blogging Challenge – By Isaac

Creepy Crawlies are everywhere,

Don’t worry, it’s fine to be scared,

The creepy crawlies will hunt you down,

They’ll search for you up in the air, but also on the ground!


They define a whole class of things,

Things with legs and also with wings,

The most disgusting creatures out there,

They will surely give you a scare!


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Last Blogging Challenge By Eden

 The edublogs blogging challenge has ended. It is weird to think it has considering I still remember challenge one. I think my favorite challenge was writing about the place or animal. I believe it was week 7.  I liked this specific challenge because I liked how you let us choose what we could write about and gave us many options. I learned a ton about blogging from these challenges, I learned how to write proper comments, blog posts or posts in general and a lot more. I also learned a lot about how to act online and what to say and look out for. Thank you for providing this awesome experience to our and many other classes!

Here is the link to my week 7 blogging challenge if you would like to check that out!

Week 7 Blogging Challenge


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Week #7 blogging Challenge By Bella

Mount Warusawa  悪沢岳


This great mountain sits in Shizuoka Prefecture,Japan. You can also say that it is located in the southern part of the Akaishi Mountains (AKA the Southern Alps) This mountain is apart of the Minami Alps National Park(南アルプス).


The mountain is apart of the Akaishi mountains. These mountains are Mount Warusawa on the east side. Mount Arakawa-Naka in the center. and Mount Arakawa-Mae in front. This connects the mountains.



The mountain it’s just known from being in the national park,It’s known for its hight.Mount Warusawa is 3,141 meters tall (10,305 ft). Mount Arakawa-Naka is 3,083 meters (10,115 ft). And Mount Arakawa-Mae is 3,068(10,068 ft) meters tall. From these heights you can tell that Mount Warusawa is taller than its sister mountains.

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Last Blogging Challenge By Adam

My favorite blogging challenge definitely had to be my Week #7 post where we had to write about nature. I wrote about the stars and really enjoyed it. I loved writing about the different constellations and Zodiacs. Overall, I really enjoyed the Blogging Challenge and I learned that a lot of hard work and effort goes into making a blog. I think that goes for all social media type things in a way. Like in Instagram, if you don’t post anything people will unfollow you, and when all your followers unfollow you you have no followers. Then there’s no point in even having an Instagram. Overall I learned that if you want to keep your blog successful you have to tend to it continuously. Also our class blog was nominated for best class blog and best group blog. If you would like to vote here is the link! (If you want to vote for us, we are listed under for best group blog and best class blog!


Blogging Challenge Week #5 Activity By Adam

One of the foods we here in America like to eat is pizza. Pizza was not created in America but a lot of the people here like to partake in a slice of pepperoni now and then. One of the top pizza suppliers go by the name of Domino’s Pizza or very recently named Dominos.  Domino’s pizza started by Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, purchased DomiNick’s a small pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, near Eastern Michigan University. The deal was secured by a $500 down payment, and the brothers borrowed $900 to pay for the store. The brothers planned to split the work hours evenly, but James didn’t want to quit his job as a mailman to keep up with the new business. Within eight months, James gave Tom his half of the business for the car DomiNick’s was using for deliveries. By 1965, Tom Monaghan had purchased two additional pizzerias; he now had a total of three locations in the same county. Monaghan wanted the stories to share the same branding, but the original owner forbid him from using the DomiNick’s name. One day an employee got back from a pizza delivery and suggested the name Domino’s. Tom immediately loved the name and officially renamed his business to Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in 1965. Domino’s has continued to grow and grow and is now one of the biggest Pizza companies in America



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Last Blogging Challenge – By Zsofi

Last Blogging Challenge

I am sorry to say but this is my last Blogging Challenge post. My favorite post for the Blogging Challenge would be the one I didn’t posted since I got the flu, but wrote, and worked hard on anyway. It was week #7, the post needed to be about a non man-made thing, such as animals, rocks, stars, etc… I decided to make my post about civets. I really enjoyed studying for this post, and at the end making a short stop motion animation of a clay civet climbing a tree. Another post I loved was when I wrote about cupcakes, and I got to find out more about one of my favorite foods, which would probably not have happened if I had not written a post about cupcakes.


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Last Blogging Challenge Zoë

This is my first year using edublogs. This is my first year doing the blogging challenge. This was my first year posting online. This was my first year commenting online. This year has been simply overflowing with internet-related firsts. It’s all been quite exciting. I’m glad that my class participates in the blogging challenge, otherwise, I might have gone a couple more years without ever actually doing anything online. The challenge was really fun and I learned a lot about how to comment effectively. A couple tips include saying hello, asking a question, sharing an opinion, and leaving a link to your blog). I made a couple posts that were, in my opinion, pretty good, but if I had to name a favorite I would either say my post on apple pie, or my post on meerkats. I prefer to write informational blog posts, which is weird, because I prefer to write fiction. But I would say that these posts are the best because I put so much research into them. Also, I’m very passionate on both subjects because I love apple pie and meerkats are my mom’s favorite animals.

Hogwarts Quill

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