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Week #4 By Josie

Week #4 5 Ways To Make A Positive Digital Footprint Anneli Charlotte Sonia – Digital Footprint Dos and Don’ts When Using Social Media The links above are links to videos about digital footprints. I know a lot of people don’t know what a digital footprint is so if you are one of those people, here […]


Summer-By Anna

This summer I went to camp hillcroft. I have been going to camp hillcroft for seven years. I really enjoyed seeing all my friends and going to really fun activities. One of my favorite activities was climb. At climb I went on a huge zip line and it was really scary but really fun. I […]


Summer -By Jane

This August I went on a plane to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We visited my aunt that lives in Miami and she drove us to the port where the cruise ship “The Allure Of The Seas” with my Mom, Brother, and our friend Kristin. We boarded on the ship and it was super big! The ocean […]

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Summer – By Audrey

I had a very good summer between my fifth and sixth grade year, but one of the highlights of my vacation was a week and a half road trip I went on. It was at the end of July, and my sister had gone off to music camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the […]

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This Is Africa – by Sarah

Have you ever taken a trip overseas? When I was five, my family took a trip to Africa. We went to South Africa and Zimbabwe. First, I should explain why we were going to Africa. At the time (2008) Zimbabwe was  a very dangerous place. We went to visit family friends of ours. They were […]

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Nepal – Julian

 I thought that Connor before he went to Nepal, did not like kids but after about 5 days there he started to enjoy them. My thoughts are that he’s not an author but he’s someone who cares for poor countries that are poor and need help. He is an amazing man and now loves kids. […]


Halloween By Charlotte

  When I heard about how bad Hurricane Sandy was going to be, my hopes for Halloween were not high. My mom said if it was too bad she would do a Halloween in our house. She said that my sisters and I could knock on all of the doors in the house and she would be behind them […]


Superstorm Sandy – Paavo

The weekend of Sandy was a weekend preparing for the super storm. Monday started the rain high tide flooding and power outages. Monday night was windy, mostly cloudy skies and moon. Tuesday, still no school, and it was sunny and very windy. I can’t wait ’till school and the end of this super storm.


Choice Topic – Mia

Coral reefs are in terrible danger. Because of pollution, global warming and overfishing, our beautiful underwater wonderlands are quickly vanishing. Because of global warming, the plankton, small fish and shrimp are either dying or moving to cooler waters. Then the coral starts to starve. It turns a creepy white color. That reaction to the global […]


The Cat Box – Adrienne

Since Hurricane Sandy is going on, my family had to lock our cats inside for the whole day. My dad must have been thinking about this because he brought up a huge box from down stairs. It had a nice big hole on one side for the cats to get in. Even though it’s big […]


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