Kittens By Aidan

IMG_1235On May 7th, I will be getting two kittens. One of the kittens is a tuxedo cat. They call the breed tuxedo because they look like they are wearing a tuxedo. The other kitten is mixed. He is a domestic long hair. The tuxedo is a domestic short hair. They are both brothers.


Tuxedo cats look like they are wearing a tuxedo because they are black with white paws, white nose, and white chest area. The other cat is white with dark grey spots and dark grey tail. Their mom is white with black spots.
Once I get these cats I will have 5 cats. They will be the 7th and 8th cats I have had. I have still not decided on names but for right now I call them “Tuxedo Cat” and “White Cat With Spots”. The mother’s name is CJ. The kittens have three sisters.

Swimming by Aidan

83948905The The passion I am writing about is my passion for swimming. I am on the swim team Club Fit Jefferson Valley. Our LSC is Metro Swimming. We practice every night, except for weekends. There are 5 training groups (levels). I am currently in SD2 which is the second level. I am moving up to JE which is the third level, I can go only two times a week to this level.


We have about two competitions every month. At the competitions you get entered into events like 50 FREE or 100 BACKSTROKE. They do the events in heats, heat one is the slowest and the highest numbered heat is the fastest. They divided all swimmers into groups called age groups. You have 5 age groups they are: 8 and under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18. They are done by age. I am in 11-12 because I am 11 years old.


There are winners but it is more about the time. If you get fast enough times you can qualify for championships that is where winning matters. There are many championships but people my age only get to the first four. Each championship gets harder. The highest I have ever been to is the third one, it is called JO Championship. My 50 FREE time is 34 seconds.

Pool Time By Aidan

IMG_0143I wake up that morning not knowing what we are doing that day, but I hoped that it would be fun. When I asked what are we doing today my mom told me. I was not very excited. I got ready to leave for the party. We got in the car to go to my sister’s classmates house for their party. The car ride was very long and boring.

When we get there I stood around for a little bit because I was a little shy. Then I got my swim trunks on. I walked over to the pool and got in. I swam to the other side, and once I was at the other side I was happy because I got there. I messed around with my sister for a little bit then I got out of the pool because I was getting tired.

I got a Hawian Punch to drink. I was sort of tired, so I plopped down in a chair next to my sister. I was very cold too. My dad then came over to me and my sister. He got his camera out and and took a picture of us. Later that day we got back in the car to go home. When we got home, I was tired so I lay down in bed.

Some time a year later or so my dad bought a new printer. He wanted to make sure it worked so he printed out the photo of me and my sister sitting in the chair together. That is how the photo was made.

My dad then gave me the photo, So I pined it to my bulletin board. Some people wonder why I have weird tattoos on my arms. Those are Japanese characters. I got the tattoos from my Dad’s Mom the day before. Obviously I did what any other little kid would do, I put them all over my arms.

Holiday Post By Aidan

Still Winter in MNMJI Photos (Mary J. I.) via Compfight

In the fall and winter there are many holidays. These holidays are: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, etc… So in these two months there are lots of holidays in fact there are actually about 34 holidays.
My family and I family celebrate Halloween, New Year’s , Hanukkah and Christmas. We don’t celebrate religiously so we don’t get a Christmas tree or any of that stuff. We don’t say prayers on the eight days Hanukkah. We do give presents. If you want to find a list of holidays go to this link.

Last Blogging Challenge – By Aidan

Last Blogging Challenge

This year during the blogging challenge I had lots of fun and I learned a ton. My favorite was probably the week 7 challenge. I enjoyed it because it was basically a free write but you have to write about something from nature, and all information must be accurate. During the blogging challenge I learned about; how to blog, the planet mercury, about making little avatars, getting creative commons photos and I learned a lot more from other people’s blogs too. I have also learned that most people are very different online than in real life. Our blog got two nomination for the #eddies15. Please vote for us here 


Week 7: All About Mercury By Aidan

All About Mercury

From Wikipedia


From Wikimedia

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun. It can be -280 F° at night and 800 F° during the day time. These surface temperature swings happen because there is almost no atmosphere. Two spacecrafts have visited Mercury. The first craft was named Mariner 10, it flew by the planet in the 1970s. The second craft named MESSENGER launched in 2004, It orbited mercury 4000 times in 4 years. Then it ran out of fuel and crashed into the planet on April 30 2015.

One year on Mercury is about 88 earth days. One day on Mercury is about 58d 15h 30m on earth. Mercury is one of the only planets to not have a moon. The planet looks a lot like the Earth’s moon because of its big craters. Mercury is a part of the few rocky planets. The planet consists of about 70% metallic and 30% silicate. The planet’s equator length is about 1,516 mi.

Mercury is about 14.6 trillion square miles. The planet is second to the most dense planet, at about 5.427 grams per cubic centimeter. It is 98% of earth’s density(earth is the most dense planet). The planet is very rich in iron. The planet is named after the Roman deity Mercury, the messenger to the gods.  More info at Wikipedia and NASA


The Guillotine by Aidan

The Guillotine


On Halloween night. In a dark alley, there was a man dressed in black. He was very still and he did not move at all or make any noise. His name is James. Then another man walked past the alley on the road coming back from work. James starts slowly following him. He starts hearing: I’m going to kill you I’m going to kill you… He doesn’t care what he is hearing he keeps on walking.

When he gets home his wife and James are standing there looking like they are possessed. Then his dog comes out of the house and starts attacking him, he is freaking out but he is staying calm. His wife and James usher him to the lawn and bring him to the swing set. They have the swing set up like it was a guillotine with a real blade. James put his head under the blade. Then the blade starts to fall. The blade hits his neck and his head falls off.

Then everything goes back in time to when he was at work sitting at his desk about to fall asleep. He then realized that he was sleeping and having a bad dream. He looks at his watch it said 6:00 pm. So he starts heading back home. When he gets home his wife and James were standing there with knifes ready to kill him. So James and his wife bring him to the swing set that was turned into a guillotine. They then drop the blade on his neck. This time he actually dies. Now he rests in peace (R.I.P.).

Week 4: Activity 3 by Aidan

What I Do To Celebrate Halloween Smiler glowMark Menzies via Compfight

To celebrate Halloween I go trick or treating with my sister and two kids we have know since we were little. We do a loop around all the houses near by. There are only like 12 or so people who go trick or treating there so the houses give a lot of candy. At the end, we go back to our friend’s house for like 10 minutes then we go home.

Week 3: Activity 2 by Aidan

Week 3: Activity 2

Family Picture - Copyright
Family Picture – ©

On March 31st, 1923 a man named Robert Leonard Krause was born in Berlin, Germany. Robert is my grandfather on my mother’s side. When he was about one he moved to America on a boat. He moved because his dad wanted to start a picture framing store with an art gallery in America. They settled in the Bronx because it was cheap to live there. When he was about 5 he visited Germany to see family for five months. When he was about 11 they moved to Manhattan. Robert did not like the school in Manhattan so every day he took the subway to the Bronx to go to school because he wanted to be with his friends. When he was about 16 he joined the army because of World War II. His job in the army was interrogating German prisoners. He died January 23, 2014 at the age of 90.

Blog Post Challenge Week #1


Activity 1

I would say I m different in real life than on the Internet. On the Internet I am less descriptive than in real life. If in real life I was telling somebody about my summer vacation it would be like 20 paragraphs if it was copied down. On line that would only be like three or four paragraphs. Online I try and get it done quick but in real life I take my time explaining something. I make more jokes in real life than on the computer. I am a lot more interesting in person than online.


Activity 2


I choose this website to make it because you don’t have to download anything onto the computer. Il ike this avatar I made because it is very simple. I like simple clothing like that

Activity 3

My name is Aidan. I am ten years old. I live in New York. My pets are four cats, Casper, Spanky, Stymie and Alfalfa and two fish. My favorite sport is swimming and I am a member of the Club Fit Jefferson Valley Swim Team. I also like ice skating.