Maya Nature’s Classroom

I really liked Nature’s classroom. We were there Monday through Thursday and I say overall, it was pretty fun. I had some homesickness but I got over it. My favorite thing to do was make H20 rockets. My rocket was named BVB (after Black Veil Brides) and I made it with Caidin and Bella (some of my classmates.) It was really fun to make them and to shoot them up into the air. I also watched a squid get dissected.  I also got to see and touch everything in the squid.  


I really liked field groups. Field group is something that you do in the morning, and it’s usually a hike and a game. My field group leader was Garrett  a.k.a. Carrot. He took us off trail and we usually played games instead of hiking. Also he told very good stories and he thought that carrots and celery was dessert. My favorite activity to do was probably free time that we between classes and meals. In my bunk was Olivia, Annie, Olive, Eden and Joanie. We discussed how tired we were and how fun our classes were.


Overall I had a very fun time at Nature’s Classroom. The meals were good, even though you were assigned a table. At my table was Anna, Audrey, Eden and Justin and in my personal opinion that’s a pretty good table. The one bad side is that you can’t contact your parents, or listen to music. When I got home I blasted my music. I was never so happy to hear Andy Biersack’s voice that day. I would rate the trip a 9/10 and it would be a 10/10 if you could listen to music.

Scratched Eye By Maya

Scratched Eye

                                                                          By Maya

Let's Do 52 :: 34:52 :: SharpCreative Commons License latteda via Compfight

The pencil scratched on the paper making a gritty sound. It was allergy season. The pollen was so bad you could see it in the wind. I was drawing the pollen that I saw outside on a piece of paper. The pencil top fell off. I felt like the pencil was a person and his head had fallen of. At the time I thought that was very disturbing. All the windows were open and my eyes were itchy. I got up and closed all the windows. The windows made a sound that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. A shiver ran up my spine. I itched my eyes and I itched a little to hard… I screamed in pain. It felt like someone stabbed me in the eye. My dad rushed upstairs. He saw me crying and holding my hands over my eye.

“Maya what’s the matter!” He said in a worried tone.

“My eye!” I said through the tears. He moved my hands away from my face. My eye looked weird.

“Were going to the hospital.” He said.

When we were in the car my eye was itching like crazy. It felt like one thousand mosquitos had bit my eye. I itched my eye again. It felt like someone stabbed me in the eye. I howled in pain. Finally after the torture in the car we arrived at the hospital. We ran like we were running from zombies to the entrance. We were in the waiting room for a long time. There we’re a lot of people in different conditions. One person had been in an accident and had bloody scratches all over his face There was also an elderly women.  In the distance I heard something going BEEP in a metallic sort of sound. I didn’t like it.

When we went to my hospital room I kept looking on either side of me. I saw a lot of people in different conditions. In one of the rooms I remember, there was an old woman in a bed and a lot of people around her. They we’re carrying her out. She wasn’t moving. I was shocked. I didn’t know that hospitals could be so scary. After a walk that felt like a tour in an abandoned asylum with creepy photos of old patients, we got to the room. A doctor came rushing in. All I remember was that he looked like a whale. He looked at my eye and said,

“Your pupil is scratched.” After that my mom came rushing in.

She screamed “What’s the matter!” The doctor said again in a calm voice, “it’s a scratched eye.” My mom plopped me into her lap and said, “It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay” over and over again. She stroked my hair. Dr. Whale said that he needed to take a closer look. He opened my eye again. The air felt like ice to my eye. I screamed. He said he was going to send a prescription to my doctor. He gave me an ice pack for the long journey. The ice helped a little. It was like chamomile tea when you have a sore throat. The drive felt like hours. When we got to the doctors office, she said that she had sent the prescription to Sam’s Club, which was where the pharmacy was.

We all groaned. My eye was starting to hurt a lot. It also was itchy. It was like on of those stingy itches that you get, but it went on for two hours. Also the ice pack was getting warm. After we started the excruciating drive to go to Sam’s Club I felt like a grain of sand, getting kicked and pushed around everyday. I was exhausted. I fell asleep in the car and got woken up again only to be brought into Sam’s club. The line was very long. I felt like everyone was in line to get the last sip of water. After that I fell asleep and woke up the next morning. My mom came and made me take my medicine.


 I woke up. I went immediately to the bathroom like I had for the past 2 weeks and 6 days to check on my eye. It was all better. I ran upstairs and woke up my mom and told her. She  laughed and fell back asleep again.



My Passion: Art By Maya

My Passion: Art By Maya


I like to do art a lot. I mostly draw, but if I can I’ll paint. I usually draw depending on my mood. For example, if I’m bored I will usually draw a flower because there are so many types and the possibilities are endless. I can sit for hours and draw flowers. I even have a special journal for my flowers.

I also design clothing, when I’m feeling happy. I design clothing because I feel like if I ever make that career I feel like that I would have a lot of good ideas. I design shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses. I usually use color pencils and pencils for this. I make the outline of the dress and the design (if it has one) in pencil. Then I color it in with the colored pencils. I decide then if I want to keep the pencil outline. I usually do because if I don’t it looks very weird.

I also like to draw eyes. I draw other people’s eyes. I use TV shows, music, and movies for inspiration. If I want to draw an eye that’s sad, I watch a sad movie to see the sad in people’s eyes, their expression and the way their eyebrows are shaped. To make someone look sad you need to make their eyes shiny or very watery. Maybe a tear down the person’s cheek. You also have to pay attention to the eyebrows. Depending on where they are, how they’re shaped is the key for sadness. When I draw eyes I usually draw manga, sad eyes, and eyes that have secrets.

When I paint, I paint landscapes or abstract. I paint on small index cards. I have a lot of sunsets, trees, and random things. I usually paint sunsets, but in a very abstract way. I do random splashes of color and it forms into a sunset. I also connect the index cards. I made this thing called Tree (very original, I know.) It was twelve index cards that formed into one big tree. If you look at each piece though, it looks like a sunset.  I always have my drawing notebook and four colored pencils (green, orange, pink, and yellow), one pencil, and one sharpener in my backpack. I usually draw on the way home from school, or on the bus sometimes. I really like to draw and paint. You could call it my passion.

Blogging Challenge Reflection By Maya

I thought that the blogging challenge was really fun and interesting. I especially liked Week #5 which was when I wrote about the history of doughnuts. It was really fun to write about doughnuts because I learned a lot of information but in a subject that I don’t really need to learn, but it was cool because to show a friend/family member that your smart you can just pop a random fact about doughnuts. I learned a lot about how to blog and how to blog properly. My first blog post was terrible and I thought that oh whatever it’s just  blog post but I learned that it really wasn’t. Tons of people see your blog everyday andI want to make a good impression on them. I feel like I have come a long way from of my first blog post.

Donut Cake Bunches and Bits {Karina} via Compfight




Week#7 Oink Harry! This is a blog post about pigs! By Maya

Pigs are very intelligent animals. They can do something once and memorize it forever. If you lead a pig through a tunnel with food they would know the next time that they did it they would get food. It’s really fun to train a pig and  I have done it before. Pigs are very cute. Some people think that they are so cute that they have pig shows! You can show off your cute little pig and get money. The most that you can win is $10,000!

Here piggy piggy piggy! Valerie via Compfight

Pigs love to be with their brothers and sisters. They eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom together. They can made a lot of sounds  to communicate. They oink, grunt and squeal. If one squeals ten times then that means it’s in danger, but if they don’t they are fine. Also pigs are mostly gentle creatures. If you start to pet them, they will immediately mark you as a friend. But if you run up to a pig or squeeze it too hard, it will attack.


Pigs aren’t usually in danger though, because they are omnivores. If you like bacon, ham or pepperoni, these are who your killing. Also here is something more depressing: In the UK they test new shampoos and soaps on pigs.  On a happy note, pigs have a GREAT sense of smell. They don’t have great eyesight and their noses is how they get their food

Playing dalmatian piglets

Tambako The Jaguar via CompfightCreative Commons License

If you want some fun facts about pigs go to: Fun Facts #1 and Fun Facts #2

Here is a little bit more extra juicy information:

Pigs are also known as hogs. Male pigs of any age are called boars and female pigs are called sows. Pigs are raised all over the world, and provide  products to humans, including pork, leather, glue, fertilizer, and a variety of medicines.

Blogging Challenge Week #5 By Maya


Week#5 Activity#1 -Doughnuts    

IMG_2128Creative Commons License Hillary via Compfight

There are tons of doughnuts here in the USA but this was the first one: Glazed. A sweet sugary doughnut that makes your mouth water. It was first invented when Elizabeth Gregory, who was a captain’s mother made a deep-fry dough with walnuts and almonds in the middle so that he could eat it with his crew so that they wouldn’t get scurvy. When Elizabeth made it it wasn’t called a doughnut. The name doughnut came much later when in World War I Doughboys used to sell doughnuts and got the name from DOUGH-boys back then doughnuts had nuts in the middle. Doughboys stuck holes in the middle where the nuts were so that soldiers were able to hold it better.


The Liquid by Maya

It was Halloween night. Mykie and Joey we’re taking a walk in the forest

“Hey Mykie look at this car!” Joey said

“I wonder how it got there!” Mykie replied

“Lets look!” Suggested Joey

“Joey I don’t think that’s a good idea…” Mykie warned

By the time I said it, he was already  there.

“Hey Mykie come over here and look at this bottle! It’s crazy weird!”

What’s weird about it?” I said as I walked towards the car. I peeked in. Joey was right and inside was a weird bottle. It was glass and inside the glass was a strange purple liquid.

“I dare you to drink that!” I said.

“Okay, ” Joey replied.

I was laughing. “Why did you drink that?  I was only kidding!”

I looked up at Joey. He looked weird.

“Can I have some water?” he said softly.

I gave him the water bottle. He chugged it down in one gulp. I heard a scream far away.

“More,” he said. “I NEED MORE WATER NOW!” Joey screamed suddenly. He ran to the river and started drinking.

“Joey? That’s probably not safe for you to drink. Let’s go back home and get out of these creepy woods!” I said.


Joey wasn’t paying attention to me and he just drank. I heard more screams. I ran back home and found my mom and dad dead. I ran to the next house…Dead. Everyone in the neighborhood…Dead. I kept hearing screaming so I quickly turned on the news.

The news announcer said,“Deaths are happening all around the world! All because of a heart att-….” She screamed and slumped forward in her chair. Then I felt something Sharp inside me. I screamed.


“Ahhhhh. That quenched my thirst,”Joey said.

“Mykie?” Joey said. He ran back and looked and saw that everyone was dead. He didn’t care because he needed more water. He didn’t care if he was alone in the world because all he needed was water.



Week 3 Activity 1 by Maya


Photo on 10-20-15 at 8.29 PM #3 Family Picture-©

This is a photo of my family and I at the Bronx Zoo. It was one of my first memories of a family gathering. On the top left is my uncle and next to him is my aunt next to her are my parents. On the bottom is my cousin, me who is holding his hand and my sister in the stroller. I really liked this family gathering because my cousin and I just ran around and around and around. Also it was really funny because we saw a monkey eating an orange peel and then the monkey threw up the orange peel and then ate the orange peel puke. It was a really fun day and I always think about it every day.  

Week #1 Blogging Challenge by Maya

Activity 1

Are you a different person online than in real life? Yes I am. I am usually shy when meeting new people but online I make TONS of friends.

How do you change or not? I become more out there and I feel more comfortable in the virtual world instead of the real world.


Activity 2

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 10.58.54 AM

  I choose this avatar because it looked like me. I usually wear a sweatshirt and leggings and I have medium long brown hair. I choose all of those in my avatar to look like me so it represents me.   Bitmoji Website


Activity 3

 I have two hamsters, Alfie and Lilac. Alfie is always sleepy and Lilac is always awake. We rescued Alfie. When we bought him he was named Jeffrey and shaking in fear in Petco. He was only five dollars because his past owners didn’t take care of him and returned him. When we got lilac she was so nervous she kept pooping every time we picked her up. (She got over it)

I also Have 6 fish, Elder,George,John,Ringo and Paul,Ali, and Gigi. Elder has lived for 6 years. He’s semi-aggressive and a couple of days ago we found our other fish,Tropical, dead with her throat ripped out of her. Ali and Gigi are algae eaters. They suck the algae of of the side of the fish tank. George and John are two very small and fat fish. ringo is a big bright pink fish.

I love to play Minecraft, Sims, and the occasional Batman game. In Minecraft I have created my own server.

I love music,especially Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, and My Chemical Romance. I usually listen to one of these bands when I’m working.

I like to read a lot, My favorite books include the Twilight Saga, The Maze Runner Series, and Inu-Yasha. Inu-Yasha is an anime.

I love to write a lot. That’s why my drive has so much stuff. I have written a movie script and it’s really weird.  I’ve written multiple stories.