Book Talk – Elizabeth

The Castle Corona by Sharon Creech.

Do you sometimes wish you were a prince, princess, queen or king? Did you ever think that famous pop stars wish they were a little less popular? Well, it’s almost exactly the same in The Castle Corona by Sharon Creech. The royal family, King Guido, Queen Gabriella, Prince Gianni, Prince Vito and Princess Fabrizia each wish they were anything but royal.  In contrast, two peasants, Enzio and Pia wish they were royal. There are a lot of interesting characters in this book and the author really develops each character with their unique personalities. This book is really great because it connects the very different lives. Mysteries are unraveled and in the end everything makes sense.

Book Talk by Massimo

By Rick Riordan  Maybe always having adventure is fun,but not when your a demigod. A demigod is a son or daughter of a god which is not good. It’s even worse if your the son or daughter of Zeus, Poseidon or Hades. Who are the most powerful of all the Greek gods. Percy Jackson and the lightning Thief is about a boy named Percy Jackson. He finds out he is a demigod and demigods are magnets to monsters. Which means every Greek mythology monster, even a god named Zeus, wants revenge on him because he accuses Percy for stealing the master bolt, Zeus’s most powerful weapon.Grover,(Percy’s best friend) tells him that he has to go to Camp Half Blood. Which is a fortress were Greek demigods get trained to go on quests. It’s the only place demi- gods are safe from evil monsters of any kinds. What makes thing worse is that someone betrayed Camp Half Blood. So Percy says good bye to his old normal life and hello to adventure packed life.

My Talk Book-The Giver by Erik

Do you know what it feels like to be frightened?  Well, that’s exactly how Jonas feels right now.  He may think that he is not frightened but you and I know that he is.  The Ceremony is coming up and he is about to turn 12.  He doesn’t know what his assigned job will be or what will happen next.  He doesn’t have a clue!  All of his family is trying to calm him down and help but all of this “help” is not helping.  The Giver by Lewis Lowery takes you on a very exciting different kind of adventure.  The author makes you think about what will happen next?  Jonas will soon learn the truth about the past and the old world. 

Book Talk – Remy

If you think that you are treated badly by your parents then you really don’t know how badly Sarny was treated in Nightjohn by Gary Paulson. Sarny is a slave at a farm in the south in the 1850’s. The slaves at this farm all have to sleep in one shed and do not get fed enough. She is treated really badly like all the others. The slaves are treated like animals for example they have to eat dinner from a trough and worse. At first I thought this book was about animals because of how badly they were treated.
There is one person who makes Sarny’s life a whole lot better. His name is Nightjohn and he is also a slave but has learned how to read, write and escape from slavery. Nightjohn loves to teach kids how to read and write and Sarny loves learning. Nightjohn will do anything to teach her.

Inkheart Book Talk – Manny




It might sound awesome if your dad can read characters out of a book, but if he gets kidnapped because of that, it’s not so awesome. In the   book Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, 13 year old Meggie is dragged out of bed one morning to go to a lady called Elinor’s house with a guy named Dustfinger who she hasn’t even met before! Her father, Mortimer, is having a book stored for him which, much to Meggie’s disagreement, he is not letting her read before he gives it away. Once at Elinor’s house at night time Meggie finds out her father was just kidnapped right inside the house! Along their journey in the book Meggie meets lots of new friends and companions and finds out some aren’t real… Meggie’s mom disappeared when Meggie was just a little girl. If you think that’s bad, Mortimer read three other characters out from the book Inkheart. Their names were Capricorn, Basta and a little glass man who broke right as he got out. Capricorn and Basta are mass killers and the ones who kidnapped Mortimer earlier. This book will give you an adventure that will blow your mind!

Book talk-Grace

Book Talk

Have you ever had everyone in your life hate you because of something that you didn’t even do? Josephine Russing has. In fact she has felt that way from the start. Her dad doesn’t look or talk to her at all and she doesn’t know why. The adventure starts when a mysterious boy named Fargas appears in Josephine’s back yard. When he disappears the next day she tries to find him. Instead of finding him she finds a worm hole that leads to a parallel world. Not only does she find Fargas in the parallel world but also the toughest girl Josephine will ever know named Ida.When Fargas and Ida tell her sad stories about this world, Josephine is convinced that she must do something to help. All the secrets she has ever wondered are answered in the most unexpected way. Is there a secret about her fathers past she doesn’t know? Anything is possible in The Lost Children By: Carolyn Cohagan.

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