Last Blogging Challenge Zoë

This is my first year using edublogs. This is my first year doing the blogging challenge. This was my first year posting online. This was my first year commenting online. This year has been simply overflowing with internet-related firsts. It’s all been quite exciting. I’m glad that my class participates in the blogging challenge, otherwise, I might have gone a couple more years without ever actually doing anything online. The challenge was really fun and I learned a lot about how to comment effectively. A couple tips include saying hello, asking a question, sharing an opinion, and leaving a link to your blog). I made a couple posts that were, in my opinion, pretty good, but if I had to name a favorite I would either say my post on apple pie, or my post on meerkats. I prefer to write informational blog posts, which is weird, because I prefer to write fiction. But I would say that these posts are the best because I put so much research into them. Also, I’m very passionate on both subjects because I love apple pie and meerkats are my mom’s favorite animals.

Hogwarts Quill

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