The Not perfect Hat Club

The Not Perfect Hat Club By Jena Ball – Post Written By Isaac And Justin

The Not Perfect Hat Club By Jenna Ball is a book about a dog named Sir Isaac Newton that thinks all dogs have to be perfect, even though they don’t! Newton is not perfect and his owner brings him to a shelter because he wasn’t perfect enough for the dog show. He brought him to the shelter and Newton called it “catastrophe”. He started to recognize the sad voices of the pound. A man named Carl adopted Newton and another dog named Midge. He has many imperfections that he’s not happy with, but he learns (spoiler alert) that it’s okay not to be perfect. This book teaches children that no one can be perfect.

6th graders are working with our 2nd grade buddies on reading this book together and other activities. We video chatted with the author Jena Ball who is very funny and read us chapters. We also video chatted with two other schools, the author and Marty Keltz. We video chatted with more people than we had ever done with before – North Carolina, Canada, Upstate New York, Greece and us. Jenna taught us how to draw a dog, and she told us that it’s okay for the dog not to be perfect. It is important for kids to know that they aren’t perfect because if they try to be perfect, they will never succeed. The 6th graders and 2nd graders have a ton of fun together!

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2 thoughts on “The Not perfect Hat Club

  1. What a wonderful summary Justin. I also was really happy to hear that you understand why trying to be perfect is not a good goal. We DID have fun didn’t we? We will have to do it again soon. I especially like that you and the second graders are reading the book together. Please let me know what you think when you are finished.
    Ms. Jenaia
    P.S. We will have a final celebration on December 14th. I hope you and your classmates can come.

  2. Isaac and Justin, you guys did an excellent job summarizing the book. Also, you guys did amazing explaining the things your classes are doing. My school, does a few things to interact with the other grades as well, such as events and spirit competitions. Here’s the link to our blog —

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