After School Activity – Xavier

There are several things I do after school. I play on a football team, go to the B.C.C. (Beacon Community Center) and I also play on a travel basketball team. I play for the Beacon Bears football team and we have practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We also usually have games on Saturday and sometimes Sunday. Practice is brutal because we start practice at 5:45pm and end at 8:30pm. I have played two games so far, the first game we lost 0-42, the second game we lost 6-13.  Our team colors are the same as the Chicago Bears which are: black, white and orange. This is my second attempt at playing football and it is a lot harder than I expected.
I go to the Community Center every Tuesday and Thursday. The bus drops me off at the Community Center at 4:00pm. I do my homework from 4:00pm to 5:00pm and in between that time tutors come in and help kids with homework. We also have a snack. At 5:00 I have drum lessons with Jeff Haynes who is a professional percussionist. At 6:00pm I go home with my mom who volunteers there.

I also play on a travel basketball team. Last year our team was the Dutchess County champions.We just had tryouts and our team looks really good this year. I play center position, and my cousin who is a very good player is on the team too. We usually play on Saturday and Sunday.

Challenge #4

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