Week 8 – by Kathy for Massimo

By :Kathy (my grandmother)
Massimo asked me if I could ‘blog.’ I am not altogether sure what that means except that my daughter blogs and her friends blog and all of my students blog. I am Massimo’s grand mother and I teach college. So then I asked Massimo what I should ‘blog’ about and he said, “Whatever you want.” He said it was a “free writing assignment.” I kept asking him what that meant. He didn’t understand. I told him that I went to Catholic schools for all of grammar school and all of high school. I never had a “free writing assignment.” It was the old days. You did exactly what you were told and nothing more. I was lucky. I learned stuff anyway and I have a good job.  But I am pretty sure you like school more than I liked school. And I think you have more fun!!!!!!

One thought on “Week 8 – by Kathy for Massimo

  1. Kathy and Massimo,

    Thank you very much for writing a post. I am sure Massimo loves doing free choice activities at school especially when using the computer means you don’t have to write using pen and paper all the time.

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