Blogging Challenge #8 – by Aidan

Family post

Hi my name is Aidan and I am going to talk about my family in this post. I have two siblings; my sister little Elizabeth and my little brother Owin. MY sister is 7 and my little brother is 4.  My mom’s name is Stacey and my dad’s name is Colin. I have a grandma named Blanca, one named Gerry and a grandfather named Thomas.

My sister Elizabeth plays the ukulele and is going to start the piano. She loves to dance and ride horses. Also she loves to ski. She’s been dancing for 3 years and has been horse back riding for 3 years. She has been skiing for 3 years and is also a very good swimmer. She has been swimming for 3 years.

My little brother Owin wants to play the tuba and has been saying that for the past two year.  None of the people in my family have any idea where he learned about the tuba. Something I’m very excited about is that Owin is going to start skiing this year. Last year he tried skiing on our drive way and didn’t fall down once.

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