Challenge #6 – Erik

Blogging Challenge #6

Once I get into high school or college, I would like to be a babysitter because I feel that I am great with kids. After that is all done, I would like to be a professional baseball player. As a little kid I hated baseball but as time moved along I realized how fun it was. Usually dads will teach their kids how to play a sport but this time it was the other way around. Since my dad grew up in Sweden he didn’t know a thing about baseball so I had to teach him about all the rules. I also taught my family in Sweden too.
I began playing as a catcher because I could throw pretty well for my age. Then about two or three years ago, I realized that I could pitch very well. I could throw very fast and very accurate. My top speed last year was 60 mph when the average is like 40mph or even 30moh. Since then I have been growing so I will probably be able to throw 75mph at the most.

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