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Blogging Challenge #5

I think that it will be really fun to be able to put pictures in my blog. I am a little bit confused about how to do it but I think I will figure it out. I am curious to see what it will be like trying to site and acknowledge where I got the pictures from. Usually I just say “ I got all the pictures off Google Images” but, I know that I cant do that anymore so I will have to figure out how to find the owner of the pictures. Copyright laws state that you cannot use an image that belongs to someone else unless you site the source. If you get caught using a copyrighted image without siting it you could get into legal trouble.

I am really happy because there are sites that have pictures with Creative Commons or CC’s. This means that you can use a picture without worrying about copyright laws as long as you say where you got the picture from and who it belongs to. You can find pictures with creative commons by going to flickrCC or Creative Commons sites I am really excited to start putting pictures on the blogs because I think it will be really beneficial to our posts.

This is a picture from FlickrCC

By Cyril Plapied

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