I am – Raiyaan

I am 11 years old and my birthday is in September
I love to ski, play basketball and football
I have two sisters and one brother
I like to hang out with my friends
I am the humorous type of guy
I like the New York Giants
I go to P.D.S and I’m in 6th grade

I like the color green
I like photography and music
I love my family and my cat Momo

I love Spring and Winter
I want to be a director or an architect


Blogging Challenge #1

One thought on “I am – Raiyaan

  1. Hi my name is Grace I’ am a grade 6 student at Ecole St. Mary in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I like what you wrote because it explains facts about you and its very cool and interesting. I also would like to become an architect too. Good Blog!

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